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    What is smartness? Do you know someone who is very smart?

    I don't know the true meaning of the common word 'smartness' though I wish to become a smart person. What are the prerequisites of being called a smart person?

    Is it about being socially elegant, fashionably dressed and looking sophisticated or simply being intelligent, clever and witty, having an ability to talk extempore and impromptu on any subject matter particular those of risque kind?

    I it good or bad to be a smart person?

    What is smartness? Do you know someone who is very smart?
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    Some of the traits the author has already told in this thread. Smartness means well dressed, good look, fast action, sound general knowledge and good common sense. Our ME and Partha K is the person seems to be smart.
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    Being Smart often refers in context with the person having "Presence Of Mind" & "Quick-Witted".

    Although the above is not good enough to explain the overall personality of a person who is "Smart", but still can give us some imagination.

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    NK Sharma,

    I would like to request you & other members not to categorize me.

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    I would refer our current PM Mr. Narendra Modi, the smart personality who got all the characteristics of being smart. He has the best humor instinct, quick witted & good presence of mind. He is experienced in any kind of circumstances.

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    A smart person is a person who is having an ease to do things very easily and cleverly. A smart person is like a smartphone. A smartphone can do many things easily. In the same way, a smart person will be a multitasking person with a sense of humour and be making others work for his benefit. A smart person will react quickly in any type of situation and he acts very sharp in difficult situations. I feel our present PM is a very smart person. He can mesmerise people with his oratory skills, He is also having a good remembering power also.
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    I don't think smartness has got anything to do with your appearance or how you dress up or your ability to speak. It is all about being able to react appropriately to a particular situation.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    What I feel that responding spontaneously when posed with a question and that too the answer comes in without even pausing , tells the smartness quality in a person. And if some one looks more striking and arresting with his own body features without much make over or make up, he or she is called smart.
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    smartness is not came by birth this is comes by experiences and depends on the behavior of your friends colleague . smart means perfect for all activity.

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    we think smartness only use for work not for cheat to other . some time smartness change into over smartness.

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    We often use the term during conversations and when referring to a particular person who is doing well or different from others. Although we do not think of the exact meaning of this, what we intend to convey the message that, the particular person is alert, able to read the situation well, react in advance to limit adverse outcomes or to improve their own benefits or chances of success. Such people often do not indulge in small talk, gossip, show they true emotions. The other thing is they keep their cards close to their chest, do not give up potentially valuable information easily. Smart people do not do anything grossly wrong, it's just the way the behave and utilize the situations that makes them different from the rest. In the current competitive world, I feel, being smart is one the prerequisites to be successful. Lastly, there are few people who cross the line and become arrogant and selfish.

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    Smart is just a synonym of smooth in real terms.
    In abstract terms it means fast at grasping.
    I can say a wick is smart as it catches fire so fast. I can call my dress smart as it feels so smooth. Infact smart is also a synonym to Sharp.
    What is sharp now? Someone or something impactful.

    So, you're smart if you're smooth at doing, fast at grasping and impactful in your field.
    Hope I was smart enough in explaining.

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    I feel being smart means, understanding of things, how to react, what to say and when to say something, and it counts appearance as well a bit. It calculates a good level of understanding situations.
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    Sometimes we use this word otherwise also that is, we may refer a person act to be smart.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Everyone is smart. People just don't realise that. Smartness only comes when you put efforts and hard work to achieve it.

    You might think a person knows a lot about a specific thing, and that person also knows a lot about other things too. So he/she is smart.

    Well, they've done their research. They wanted to know about those things. They loved the efforts they put in to know about such things.

    It's all about "how badly you want to learn."

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    The response of @Piyush 'You might think a person knows a lot about a specific thing, and that person also knows a lot about other things too' reminds me of the words stated by Chetan Bhagat in his story 2 states, some people always wanted to get information to enhance their knowledge whether they really use it or not later for any purpose.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Smartness is nothing but the action to outsmart the smarter people. As Ms.Saroja has already mentioned the word is sometimes used in negative sense when someone tries to dominate the scene with a hidden tactical agenda and tries to be acting smart. But the real smart person would wait for the timing to outsmart this guy. Isn't it?

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    Yes @Jagdish
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I believe a person is smart if he can do his work with perfection and in time.A person can be smart with not only good dressing sense but with good mannerisms too.

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