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    This thread is for those who like Mathematics, Numbers etc.,

    My thread on fancy numbers is just a common thread whereas this may be for those who have fond or like towards mathematics, numbers but related to common things too.

    From the response of Kailash in the said thread, I relate to a recently celebrated Pi day(14th March) and it is even declared as a fun holiday in some part of the world. Since in those part of the world, the date is written as the month and date format, 14th March (3/14) which is first few digit approximation of the Greek letter Pi 3.14.......

    Though there is objection by some other part either relate with another approximation called Tau which has double the value of Pi (6.28) and called Tau day(28th June) is celebrated. So some people take both the values and celebrate Tau Time on Pi day, that is at 6.28 pm on 14th March.

    Nowadays, businessmen specifically the Pie makers(though official Pie day is on 23rd January) are coming with various business taglines say 'Celebrate Pi day with Pie' or Cost of Pizza is $3.14. And another interesting thing I read on this Pizza related to Pi is Volume of a Pizza is Pi*z*z*a whose radius is z and height is a (using the formula pi x r to the power 2 x h)

    Those who have missed this Pi day still have more chances to celebrate Pi approximation day because the value is written as 22/7 and in some part of the world 22nd, July will be celebrated as Pi approximation day.

    14th March this year had another event, every social media occupied is with Stephen Hawkin, who is very much attached with time travel passed away along with Einstein Birthday.

    Members, it is your turn to come up with interesting such things relating mathematics with common things.
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    Memorising the sentence - 'How I need a drink, alcoholic in nature, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics' one can remember the value of pi up to 14 places i.e. pi = 3.14159265358979.

    It's a style of writing called Pilish wherein such a sentence is formed in which the numbers of letters of each word coincide with the digits of pi.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Another Two lines are, sometimes, quoted to remember the value of Pi. It goes like this : "See, I have rhyme assisting my feeble brain ..."
    Unfortunately, I don't remember the remaining lines. The numbers of letters in each word indicate the digital value of Pi.


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    Excellently this thread is going like a Pi Rhyme. Thanks @Kailash and @Sankaran. @Sankaran sir, here is the rhyme to get first 13 digits of pi.
    See, I have a rhyme assisting
    my feeble brain,
    its tasks sometimes resisting.

    There are still more rhymes connecting to pi's digits and here are they,

    For first 31 digits, the rhyme is

    Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
    In mystic force, and magic spelling
    Celestial sprites elucidate
    All my own striving can't relate
    Or locate they who can cogitate
    And so finally terminate.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #631704 offense I find Pi-day cringy. But I really loved the volume idea of pizza.

    I just thought of the exponential number e. 2.17 is the first few digits of it. So 17th February. Happy exponent or logarithmic day.

    I bet you to celebrate i-day. Square root of -1. How are we gonna celebrate it?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Hope your suggestion may be taken by the authorities who are really wanted to enjoy the mathematics and hence they started this celebration of pi day.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Everyone curiosity and interest is not limited to one field, it is variable. So, people who love a particular branch will love to have a day to celebrate something related to their interests. For example, people who love stamps have the World stamp day on 9th October, this marks the creation of the union postal union (of the world).

    Similarly, world Pie day and various other numbers related celebrations. I like the title that captures the essence of these days/events. The problem is for people who are not avid fans of maths or numbers or any specific stream or subject, they would not understand the true joy or relevance of these events.

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    An interesting thread.I never know that there is a pie day. Mathematics is a very interesting subject and we Indians should be proud that there are many mathematical genius people were born in India. Once upon a time, there was a farmer and he had three sons. He had 11 goats with him. When he was dying he asked his three sons to share the goats in the following manner. He asked his elder son to take 1/2 of the total, the second son to take 1/4 of the total and the third son to take 1/6 of the total. After he died, these three were not able to divide these goats as the total is an odd number. Finally, they decided to approach a genius in the village. That person told them that he will come around 4 PM on that day and asked them to keep the 11 goats ready to get distributed.
    That person came at 4 PM and he brought 1 goat with him. He mixed his goat also in the group. Then asked the elder son to take half that is six. The second son took 1/4 that is 3 and the last son took 1/6 that is 2. The person walked out with his goat. The farmer is so intelligent that the sons will not quarrel among themselves for the distribution as they are not able to understand how to distribute, This story brings in the mathematical excellence of our elder and fore fathers.

    always confident

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    After the poems by Kaliash and Sankaran for 14 digits and 13 digits of Pi, my mind wanted to know why there is a poem for these number of digits and hence on a search I found on 14th Century 13 decimal places for Pi is found India and other decimal places by others in different countries.

    Another interesting discussion on this day is, 14th March 15 (3/14/15) has been labeled as Pi day of the Century.

    There is an interesting equivalent I got it with Diwali, at least in South India who believes the day is Killing of Narakasura by Krishna and hence there is a usual question where Sita and Rama would have celebrated their Diwali when they were out for 14 years and Krishna Avatar is later than Ram Avatar. Like this, whether any pi day is celebrated in 3/14/1592 (where Pi is denoted with 6 decimal places), but it might not be possible because this pi day is started celebration only in this century.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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