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    Does skill, talent, and performance have a gender exclusivity?

    Do you think talents, skills and performance are exclusive to a particular gender? Or does it apply to either gender? Share your views on this forum topic.

    We talk a lot about gender inequalities regarding opportunities, pay etc in many spheres of work. We also comment about the gender gap in India during many discussions.

    Without going into the aspects of gender bias, let's assess what are the good qualities that would make someone employable or suitable for a particular job position.

    Apart from educational qualifications relevant to the field, the most important qualities in a potential employee would be skill set, talent and performance. If someone has the right skills, is talented and has the ability to perform then it doesn't matter what's the gender, one can be employed and should be employed. But there are still people at the managerial level or with the ability to hire and fire feel that men would be able to perform the job better than women.

    So, do you think skill, talent and performance truly have a gender preference or gender exclusivity? Or is it just a lame excuse not to hire women?
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    In India all things and all actions cannot be attended by men and women equally as there are certain limitations to gender equality in this regard. For example, nigh watchman for a ATM or a factory or even a shop cannot be a night watchwoman. Likewise priests in the temples are wholly allotted to the males and not the females for obvious reasons. Therefore we cannot claim that we are giving equal preference to the women in all respects on par with men. And on the other hand there are certain jobs solely allotted to women and that cannot be aimed or done by the man, Eg. Maid servant.
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    Except for few exceptions wherein we need to compromise, we now no where find gender bias. In context to this name any area & we have a long list that the women is taking a lead role. That once we already had the PM of India & another one became the President Of India. We even have a long list of women entrepreneurs or at the junior level the women is doing the active participation at all levels.

    I referred earlier as we still got few exceptions. This can include the rural areas wherein we are held up with the age old belief & that the technologies hasn't reached there & when once it is done then we will see the changes as well. So growth matters here. As we continue to grow, then simultaneously we will continue to see these being getting lesser.

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    No. The skills, talents and performances are having no genders. They are the traits of a person. The person can be any of the three genders. But in our culture from the beginning, the society is male-dominated. So the females are given a biased treatment in employment also. But slowly with the initiatives by the governments and the individuals, the trend is changing and slowly ladies are also coming into all the jobs. In Hyderabad many places I see lady employees on par with gents. But to become equal I think it may take some time.
    These days many private companies are preferring ladies in managerial posts also. There are certain posts in industries where they prefer only women because they have the required patience for doing that work whereas men may not fit into that. So if somebody is not taking ladies it is only their wish but not anything does with the skill, talent or performance.

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    Performance and talent are common in all gender the grade will differ from person to person. Especially the ladies have perseverance more than the gents so, the talent and capacity is seems to be more in them. But the both things are depending upon the circumstances and necessity. A very talent person in calculation may be working as an auto driver. Presently all persons are doing all jobs as we can see the ladies are in driving train to aeroplane, they are in even graveyard works, so the talent is common to the both gender.

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    We cannot deny the fact that there are certain natural differences in the physical body of a male and a female. The differences are both anatomical as well as physiological in nature. Because of such differences, the physical strength of females is lesser compared to a male.

    Thus the skills which require physical strength are better suited to males compared to females. It becomes possible for the perpetrators to commit the heinous crime of rape because of lesser physical strength as well as anatomy of the female body only. Because of such reasons the females are not suited for the role of an unarmed night watchman.

    Women are not considered fit for underground mining work and therefore they are not given admission in the mining engineering degree courses.

    Thus we can see that barring few exceptions, both men and women can suit for all kinds of roles.

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    Not at all. These has nothing to do with gender. And those who claim that a women is not strong enough to do any job which need physical strength, they are wrong! A women wrestler is stronger than an average man. It all depends on the kind of environment they live in, kind of physical activities they do. If a women also exercise well, eat well they can be a lot stronger than they are currently.
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    It is true that for certain type of job environments we can not hire women otherwise there is no gender bias in today's world.

    Women are everywhere from ship to plane. They are very good for certain type of housekeeping and educational positions. The gender bias is diminishing day by day.

    Whatever bias is there it is due to the inherent nature of the women and as she is the preferred one to maintain the reproductive cycle in this world the associated hassles and inconveniences fall on their shoulders only. Only due to these additional responsibilities some people consider them as weaker sex otherwise they are all equal to males in skill, talent and performance.

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    We will be living in a fool's paradise if we still talk about such things as gender bias and male dominance etc,. Barring some stray areas as mentioned by Mr.Kailash, women have already proved their mettle in many areas. I have seen some women officers who were doing good in administration/HR as compared to their male counterparts. Talent is not somebody's own kit and of a particular gender but depends on the individual himself/herself. As regards the Performance index of the female is no way lesser than that of their male counterparts in many areas.

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    Yes, I feel skill, talent, and performance have gender exclusivity. I can cite my own example. When my wife sings on her own, I remain silent and listen to her song. On the other hand, when I sing while I take bath, I am rudely advised not to shout. So, from this example, we can conclude that skill, talent and performance have gender exclusivity.
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