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    Legitimacy Of Donation To Temples Vs Poor Beggars!

    Let's take a quick figure.

    Padmanabhaswamy temple is not only India's but world's richest temple. the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The vaults inside the temple, which were opened only recently, were found to be flooded with gold, silver, and diamonds. Some people estimate the value of the treasure to be worth 1 trillion dollars.

    Giving below the other list which recieves the maximum offereings.

    Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati
    Vaishnodevi Temple
    Siddhi Vinayak, Mumbai
    Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
    Jagganath temple, Puri
    Kashi Vishwanatha temple, Varanasi
    Amarnath Cave, Anantnag
    Sabarimala Temple, Periyar tiger reserve

    Let's take another figure.

    India was ranked 97 in GHI (Global Hunger Index)-2016 but has now slipped to 100th rank. Malnutrition is a biggest problem in India, according to the Global Nutrition Report: India ranks 114th out of 132 countries. Dharavi in Mumbai, is slum is the second-largest slum in the continent of Asia and the third-largest slum in the world. We still lacks the basic fascilities like the toilet & safe drinking water. LIsts are long.

    Although this could be the result of improper distribution of wealth but this remains the harsh truth in our country.

    Pl. share your views.
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    Donating food to poor is always better than donating to the temple. But in our country, many people are having the fear of God. They always pray God when they are in problems and pray him for bringing them out of woods. Some people say that they will offer some gifts, money or donation to the schemes the temple is having in return. So once their problem is sorted out they will go to the temple, have the darshan of GOD and fulfil their promises to the God. These are something like reciprocation of help they received from God. They may not be actually called as donations.
    But if a poor person is not having food and suffering from hunger many people even don't know about that. But when somebody comes and requests you to help them you may help.
    I have a practice of donating to orphanages where some small kids being brought up to the possible extent.
    I will also donate to the temple hundi as well as the plate of the priest.

    always confident

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    I remember once having visited a temple for darshan on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan located in an area infamous for cultivation and smuggling of opium. The local people told me that the smugglers offer a fraction of their illegal income to the the diety after each successful operation.

    Similar stories are heard about the temples located in other parts of the country also. I personally believe that the maximum donations in temples are offered by those persons who don't pay their taxes honestly.

    Paying taxes correctly is also a kind of donation as the money is used for the welfare of the poor people and development of the country.

    What may be the logic behind offering gold, silver and diamonds to the God? As mentioned by the other authors also in their respective responses above, donating food to hungry, medical care to diseased or shelter to the needy is much better than offering valuables in the temples.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent thread. Some people are offering valuables and cash in the temples and temples are becoming richer and richer. Is it only the religious feeling or selfish motive to please the Gods to attain more wealth in life? The answer is very simple that people want to pray and please the Gods to get returns on their prayers. It is simply a one-sided business as no one has seen whether Gods acknowledge it or not.

    It is the practice in many countries and communities to donate a large amount of money or jewellery in the temples. If you ask these people to help the poor rather offering in temples then they may not be willing to do it.

    It is also a harsh fact that many people who earn their money as black money and through hawala operations are the people who donate a large part of their earnings regularly and even the celebrities are donating heavily to get blessed for continuing their success in their areas.

    So the source of most of the money to temples is derived from selfishness, greed and illegal money handlings. Is it good to offer such money to the Gods? The question will linger in our minds endlessly.

    Knowledge is power.

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