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    Is it good to rain these days.?

    The summer is very severe. The mercury is climbing high. Moving out is becoming difficult. The weather forecast department is expecting very high temperatures this summer. Unexpectedly today in our area in Hyderabad we had a heavy rain for about 45 minutes. I was in the office and I heard the heavy pouring sound from my room.
    All the mango trees are just started flowering and small tender fruits are hanging on the tree. I am thinking because of this rain, the mango tree in our house might have shed a lot of flowers and ultimately the crop will come down. Do you think it is not good to have a rain these days for mangos and other crops?
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    Just now when I was responding to this thread, it was drizzling and this short spell would increase the hot season further. As the Mango season is on and the flowers in blooming stage, such unwanted rains would bring sorrow moments for the mango farmers. In Tamil there is a song " Kodayil oru naal Mazhai varalam" that means there is a possibility to get rain during summer, but that should not be hindrance to all especially to the farming community. But the birds and animals would feel happy to see raining as they would have greater respite from scorching sun. May be God was kind enough for them.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The weather and rains were unpredictable even in olden days when there was no environmental damage caused by the humans. Perhaps because of such reasons only in Hindu mythology there is a concept of 'Indra' deity which is worshipped as the God of rains. Not only that the Surya (Sun) and Vayu (wind), deities are also worshipped as they control the weather conditions and thus bless or curse the farmers and hence the mankind as a whole.
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    Let's the natural phenomena takes its own course.

    I don't know whether we are aware of the fact that the nature adjust automatically to the changes & this often results in the natural calamities. We can see a lot of development activities throughout with a execution to its highest level that never happened in the past.

    So with all these we are experiencing the changes with the duration of different seasons or weathers. So adjust yourself to the changing weathers & not the season changes as per you ambitions. As if this happens we will suffer a lot.

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    Since two days, it's raining intermittently in Bangalore too, at some places with hailstones. Whatever the impact, the immediate one is of a welcome feeling.It felt different, little cool last night, babies and children ( on holidays) will get benefited.
    With regards to fruit crop getting damaged, heavy nonseasonal rains can damage the crops like the paddy ready for harvest or the tomatoes and grapes ready to be harvested. But like others have mentioned, it's the law of nature with man indirectly contributing to it.

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