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    Beware ! Never get fooled by friends and relatives on all fools day.

    Tomorrow the 1st of April is going to be observed as all fools day across the globe and there are every chance that your friends and relatives might have planned pranks to fool you. Be alert and aware and do not believe anything at the face value. What ever news, information comes to you, just relax and read and never turn panic. Your coolness and light attitude may baffle your friends and thus they would be fooled in return. I hope every one of our members would be in sense and wont succumb to fool offers even.
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    Nowadays, a message is viral in the social media suggesting to plant a tree on April 1, instead of trying to make someone fool. I have responded by writing that preferably a 'phool' (flower) tree should be planted instead of a general tree.
    Nowadays, mango trees can be seen flowered.

    In childhood, I was more fascinated about the fools day etc. but after crossing sixty, it appears there is no fun in observing any particular day as the fools day. That way most of us are being fooled daily by shopkeepers, marketing personals and even by few unscrupulous doctors.

    The CBSE students this year are feeling like made a fool as they have to appear again for examination for the subjects in which equestion papers got leaked.

    Should we wish our best to each other on the occasion of fools day also?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I would like to chill out & relax.

    Tomorrow is also a holiday & so I want to rest while taking a note on the pending jobs that can be completed before the coming working day.

    But still thanking author for reminding.

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    Let's not get fooled by friends and relatives on 1st April. Let any other person befool us.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Earlier, I used to get worried about being made a fool or get angry but as time passess, I realised it's just a few minutes of good natured fun by your classmates friends or colleagues.
    We can be a good sport and play along. If it gets personal or inappropriate like being made to feel demeaned, then it's time to put a stop and send a clear message, until then, let them have a few minutes of smiling and laughing and we can have our turn too.

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    Truly, people are first in making fool of every other person they meet. So, everyone needs to be very careful.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    It is OK once in a year. But we should also get prepared to revert back as smartly as the opposite person. But in our relative and friend circle this has become a no special day. No activity regarding fooling others in my circle. As mentioned in #631677, it is good to plant a tree on this day which will give some flowers by next April 1st.
    I take this opportunity to all members of ISC to wish a happy April 1st.

    always confident

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