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    What are the better types of snacks for diabetic persons?

    Doctors advise the diabetic persons to eat smaller portions at a time though eat frequently e.g. after a gap of every two hours. Thus apart from the main meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, diabetic persons require to take snacks also in between with or without tea or coffee etc.

    Generally, biscuits of a particular brand are supposed to be the preferred choice of the diabetic persons but repeating anything over a period of time results in lack of enthusiasm in continuing to eat the same. In this context, let us share our experiences about the snacks suitable for diabetic persons.

    What are the better types of snacks for diabetic persons?
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    As far as possible the snacks of a Diabetic person must be palatable apart from being healthy. There are a lot of variants to be chosen as healthy snacks for them. The following snacks may be tried.
    1) Inthe morning, they may be given sprouts of Bengal - gram already soaked with water from the previous night. Filter the water and add a dash of lemon in it followed by little addition of salt.
    2) Two pieces of boiled eggs appear to be a healthy snacks and may be offered to them in both morning and evening.
    3) Masala oats are also healthy choice.
    4) Include a piece of cooked fish with less oil and spice.
    5) Half cut apple of medium size, some portion of Black - berries during the season, Water - melon in moderate quantity are the healthy snacks for the diabetic persons.

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    There are some special biscuits like Marie biscuits which are good for diabetic patients. Watermelon and pomegranate fruits in small quantities are also very good for diabetic patients. An apple once in a while is also good. But daily all the fruits can't be taken. Anyone of these three per day is OK for a sugar patient.
    Oats upma is also a better food for these people. One important point is take less quantity but more frequently is better for these people. Many sugar free cakes and sweets are available. But they are not good for health. So it is not preferable. But once in a while, very very rarely, a piece is OK for the people whose sugar levels are not very high. Some dry fruits are also good for sugar patients.

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    i see a variety of sweets, biscuits and savouries all labelled as sugar free but I'm skeptical about this. Steamed vegetables or sprouted grams, cucumbers,vegetable/fruit salads are good. We shoud aviod ripe manoges, bananas etc.
    The family members and the patient need to be innovative and try out new combinations for a set of ingredients that have low sugar and a low glycemic index. Millet, grains and the young jack fruit ( early stages) are good ingredients to make a dish for diabetics. Biscuits often have a lot of maida flour or calories, so one should choose it carefully.

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    A saying goes like this," Fiber beats carbs".
    Huge quantities of carbohydrates are there in our everyday meals which diabetic patients can't digest(break down sugars) properly.
    But a fiber rich diet would help a lot in digestion.
    What are the most available fibrous diets?
    Ragi. It's the easiest one to obtain and can be moulded into tonnes of different recipes. It's rich in protein and fiber so nothing is better than Ragi for temporary snacks for diabetic patients.
    Corn is rich in starch but pop corn isn't. So pop corn is also good but its not as half as nutritious as Ragi.

    Ragi is even better than oats in terms of protein composition. So say yes for Ragi dishes in your life. Enjoy every thing from Ragi cookies to laddu. From salty Ragi mudde to porridge. From snacks to a full meal.
    Ragi can accommodate all your needs.

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