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    In matters of faith no logic works-Do you agree or disagree?

    Do you give faith more importance than logical thinking or vice versa? Tell us about it.

    When we follow a particular religious belief of our own interest we don't think much critically or logically. When people adore certain persons like, cine actors, political party or political leaders they never think logically about their actions which are good or bad. Their thinking in adoring these people is above the value system. They forget rational and irrational terms in the dictionary of their behavior. When we see a group of people gather and discussing about politics each one have their own favorite party or leaders. We see people support their own favorite leader or party leaving critical thinking, logical thinking, rational approach etc. Why it will be like that? In your belief how this type of faith should be?
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    True. When you have faith in somebody you go by their words without thinking or looking for any logic. Similarly when we love somebody we will be blind and we will not think any thing negative of them. It happens in case cine actors also. If we love a particular hero or heroine, we will not miss any film of them and we will always give a positive report about their movies and action. When we are in our school , we used to have two groups. One is for NTR and the second is for ANR. We used to discuss a lot and argue a lot. Same is the case regarding politicians and political leaders. A favorite leaders action will always look good and encouraging only.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that in the matter of faith no logic works. We can see or observe everywhere this thing. We blindly follow our ideals. Faith is important in life.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    When it comes to religion and faith, even if we want to have a logical thinking, it would not be possible.
    Take for instance a child, is groomed by the family, has certain religious beliefs instilled into him, he grows everyday doctrine that this is good, the rest is bad. When such a child becomes a man, he again selects a particular party, leader or hero to be his favorite, slowly his belief in them becomes unshakable and over a period of time, the object of his choice (leader/hero/teacher etc) become indestructible and incorruptible.
    Under such circumstances, the person can be rational to the rest of the world and its happenings until it comes to this delicate issue. Here whatever be the contrary, he tends to stick to his beliefs because the opposite is unimaginable, so often he sidelines thinking and logical reasoning. We need to have an open mind and tread the middle path as far as possible when it comes to religious belief, favorite party or leader etc.

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    Faith cannot be analysed scientifically as it is beyond logic or reasoning. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is illogical, but instead it simply means that faith is an altogether different domain which has nothing to do with science.

    Love is also said to be blind but the blindness of love is distinctly different than the blindness of law as the law is also said to be blind.

    Unshakable faith in anything, specially in the God proves exceedingly helpful to many, particularly to those who don't believe in scientific way of thinking.

    When humans fail to understand the mysteries of life, they ascribe it to the almighty God and thus don't get perturbed.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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