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    Do you like watching movies in the theaters.

    Going for a movie to a theater is a good and cheap entertainment to many middle class families in our country. Basing on the availability of time many families go together for watching movies. The TVs have become very common in all houses and many channels have come. Daily many channels will be showing movies only. It is a good time pass for many. But personally, I am not happy watching a movie on the small screen. I prefer watching a movie on a big screen in a theater.I have a special liking for movies. I will definitely go for at least two movies in a month. I like to know about the comments of other members on this.
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    Watching movies in theatre is the thing of past. Today we have many means to watch movie other than theatre. I do not go theatre. I went to see Bahubali-ii in theatre after a gap of 20 year.
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    I am not a movie buff. However, I do see movies sometimes. Unfortunately most of the movies produced in Bollywood don't impress me, though some of movies leave a lasting imprint.

    Not only technologically but otherwise also the Hollywood movies are much advanced compared to Bollywood movies. I sometimes watch Hollywood movies also on small screen.

    After retirement from service, I got enough time at my disposal to indulge In extracurricular activities and on few occasions visited the neighbourhood malls for watching movies in multiplexes for a change. Needless to mention here, my wife accompanied.

    My latest venture was watching 'Padmaavat' in a theater last month at San Jose, California, USA.

    I often enjoy the luxury of fully reclining seats in such theaters and if the movie is not totally absorbing, take a short nap also under such circumstances.

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    Yes, certainly I like to watch movies in the theatre. Though there is no theatre in Rampura where I live, I regularly go to Manasa 32 Km away from Rampura to watch Movies.
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    There was a time when I was young that I saw about at least 20 to 25 movies a month.

    In the last 25 years I would have seen totally two or three movies in theatre. Within that also, in the last 15 years I had not seen even a single movie at all in theatre.

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    It is fun watching movies in the theatre with your friends and family. But today, there are so many digital entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime (to name a few) that anyone would prefer over going to theatre to watch movies. The time has gone where we have had to wait for new movies to air on television. It is easy to watch anything online today. Watching movies in theatre is still gold. But If I don't have any friends, I'd rather prefer watching movies staying in my own bed.

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    Watching a movie in a theatre is the real enjoyment and entertainment. Why because for every good scene there would be hooting, whistles, claps and above all whole lots of noises. And for every fighting scene there would be charged atmosphere inside the theatre. And if the song comes, the ecstasy and joy of the fans has no bounds. But one thing I do not like that people would start leaving five or ten minutes before the film ends and that makes the disturbance for the serious first time viewers. And the whole film viewing would be enjoyable further if we go with friends and the joy has no bounds.
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    I think I have been watching movies since childhood.As my father was in defence I saw two movies at least in a week. It was not just fun watching movies but the open air theatre where it was shown was more appealing.It rained and all would have an umbrella and the movie would still continue. In winters too we would sit with all the woolen clothes ,that was a different experience.
    So the craze continued and as I grew I watched them but once in a while.Today too I like to watch movies in theater provided the movie is good and entertaining.

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    Our choice of the big screen or home theater system has been modified by the events associated with it.
    Watching movies at the bring screen a few years ago was a craze due to the movie appeal, hero worship and to enjoy good wholehearted entertainment. Importantly, those days, a weekly holiday meant, a visit to the parks, temples or movies. we did not have big malls or other forms of entertainment. It would be a stand-alone movie theater.
    Once we have the VCP and VCR coming, things changed. Then came pirated movie CDs which diluted the need to visit theaters. Then we have internet, free movie download sites, in short, this brought good quality/high definition into our living rooms. At the same time, our social calendar and avenues to spend time have changed a lot. So, I feel this has made many \, like me, change over to the home screen rather than the big movie screen.

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    It was a golden time to me,that is from 1964 to 1977,at Madurai as I have seen a number of movies of Tamil,Hindi,Telugu and English. Since the number of theaters were more that too in near distance,moreover we lived in the heart of city. Another main reason as we were of more than average students our parents did not prevent or control us. Above all the pictures were also more likable than present.

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    What I feel is that our taste must be changing according to our age & with this what we are left with should be spent on good things . Spending is a personal choice & I don't intend to do any interference but just suggesting my opinion.

    Watching movies in a 3D theater is bound to have more expensive in comparison to the normal theaters which as per me not existing in the metros because of the competitions. So, instead I would go for saving for the future or would give this to someone who needs this most.

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