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    How did you celebrate World Idli Day-2018?

    No, I am not joking. It is not an advance April Fool trick either. It is a fact. Yesterday was World Idli Day. This fluffy South Indian food is popular all over South India. I took idli for breakfast in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and even in the southern parts of Chattisgarh. Nowadays, in Delhi also, idli has become popular even among the North Indians. My wife is a big fan of idli. This morning, I saw a Sardarji relishing idli with sambar and chatni and demanding more sambar from the shop-keeper in my locality.

    For the last three years, World Idli Day is being celebrated on 30th March. It is the brainchild of Mr. Eniyavan, the popular idli-only caterer from Chennai. He made a world record on this day in 2015 by preparing 1328 varieties of idlis.

    But I don't want to complicate idli further. My simple questions are: How many idlis did you consume on World Idli Day? Did you celebrate the day with idlis and more idlis?
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    Despite being a prolific reader, I was not aware of the world idli day so far. However, the thread raised by the author aroused my curiosity about idlis and on researching, I came to know that there are more than 2000 varieties of idlis. Some of such varieties are as follows-

    1. Stuffed idlies - Idlies stuffed with stuffings like onions, carrots, capsicums and even minced chicken

    2. Chocolate idli

    3. Cocktail idli

    4. Idli manchurian etc.

    Because of my ignorance about the world idli day, I could not make it a point to relish idlies on March 30th to celebrate the day though I am a huge fan of idli.

    So far best idlies I have savoured in a restaurant at San Jose, CA, USA.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Oh really! Nice to know there is such day .I am so much fond of eating Idli and Chutney .I actually had eaten yesterday thou I was unaware of the day. It is a healthy diet usually eaten in breakfast or at snacks time .This pluffy round food made up of grounded rice and urad dal is considered healthy. It is better to have them prepared at home. Now -a-days the hawkers of Mumbai who sell it by roaming on cycles don't sell better quality ones. idlis they sell is not thick and also the price of 1 plate idlis with less counts is not appropriate .It is said South Indians are so intelligent because they eat more Idlis.,..(don't know if it is real or myth),So Happy Belated Idli Day.

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    In foreign countries, the idli may be same, but the taste of sambar and chatni is little bit different.
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    I casually saw the news about World Iddli day from a news paper. But I did not read that piece of news. However, it is interesting to note that this famous South Indian dish has a day set apart as its own. Iddly is a well accepted food item, especially as a breakfast item, by most of the people in South India. Through them the same is now popular in many of North Indian States too. It is now available in hotels there.
    It is not only delicious but also a healthy food. It is said that Iddli and Sambar combination is rich as a desired healthy food. However, this celebration of a particular day for Iddli will help gaining more popularity for this food item.

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    For the first time , I am coming across of the fact that there is World Idli day being celebrated across the country and for we the South Indian, it is the continued break fast item in the mornings and if one takes the same with coconut chutney and ginger chutney, I am sure even North Indians who are fond of Rotis in the mornings would get rid off. Fortunately thanks to the TS government initiative to give plenty of rice to the poor at 1 re per kg,. most of the poor families are now makings idlis and supplying them to the people at rupees 10 per plate for 5 idlis with good taste of groundnut chutney. I think now where else Idlis are made so cheap and supplied to the needy in the morning hours and the business seems to be brisk and wanting. Those mothers who cannot prepare the food in the morning for school children are finding this more helpful.
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    I never know about this day. Thanks to the author for sharing this information. I am a good fan of idli. In our house at least 3 times in a week, these idlies will be prepared either for breakfast or dinner in the night. Recently in a list of best foods as breakfast idli has also secured a place. In fact, idli is a dish without any oil or sugar and cooked on steam. This will make the stuff very healthy and tasty. Sambar and chutneys add flavour to the taste of idli. By putting some ghee on the top of idly, if we eat without any side dish also the idli will taste better. Many people these days are preferring idli for morning tiffin. In Hyderabad airport, there is an idli shop with a name as Idli factory. Whenever I go to the airport I will try to taste idly there. Even these we are able to get idli in any place including north India also. A good healthy food for every day.
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    Idli, vada, sambhar, and chutney still is a good nutritious breakfast option we can have. In many south Indian restaurants, well known for its recipe, people take extra cups of sambhar to soak the idli and vada to enjoy the taste better. For me the best breakfast experience was in one of the highway south Indian brand wherein idli, vada sambar, followed by a Pongal (not the sweet dish) with chutney and a cup of filter coffee to finish it. As far as the many varieties go, I'm not a fan because it sounds like a corrupted version. Children love the mini-idlis soaked in a bowl of sambar.

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    Hailing from the southern part of India where the Idli has taken birth, Idli day is not known to me. It is a wonderful dish provided it is prepared well combining the rice and urd dal in proper ratio. Idly should be soft like Jasmine. Also, it should have the proper Chutni and Sambhar to taste better. There is also a powder known as 'Idli powder'(mirchi, dal, coriander mix) which is mixed with gingely oil. Yesterday, I went to a hotel to taste idly. I ordered for two idlies costing Rs. 7 each. He provided three types of chutni( coconut - Tomato - pothina) and Milakai podi to support idly.
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