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    A personal question: Have you withdrawn sufficient cash from ATM?

    Thursday was Gazetted Holiday due to Mahavir Jayanti. Friday was also another Gazetted Holiday (Good Friday). Both the days, all banks were closed. Today all bank staff are busy with year-ending account closing. Tomorrow is Sunday and in most of the banks, Monday will be closed for bank employees. The ATMs everywhere are fast being cashless.

    Just now, I went to the market. I observed that all three ATMs in the market are proudly declaring: ''No Cash''. Fortunately, I anticipated this problem and I withdrew cash from an ATM just beside my office on Thursday.

    Members, a personal question! Have you withdrawn sufficient cash from ATM? If not, do it ASAP. The ATMs will be replenished only on Tuesday.
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    Yes, I have wiiithdrawn some cash. I do cashless transaction mostly.
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    To face such unexpected financial situations, I always keep sufficient cash in hand as reserve, to meet my expenditure.
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    Already ATM's are being shut with no cash boards since 20 days in many of the ATM's across the city of Hyderabad. However, I have no problem and have sufficient cash for three to four days.
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    Nowadays many shopkeepers are accepting credit/ debit cards as well as payment through wallets like paytm so the requirement of cash is not so critical.

    Still, we should keep some cash to tackle such situations when many holidays fall in succession and ATM start drying up.

    Some people are paying a little advance to nearby kirana or provision shops and enjoying purchases throughout the month to pay the balance later in one go by online or cash. This method also helps to some extent.

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    Let us examine the issue from a different angle.

    How many times in a month, we withdraw cash from the ATM? I personally withdraw only once in a month. However, I don't think that in normal course, people may be withdrawing cash from ATM more than 2 or 3 times in a month. Taking into account 3 times in a month, it means that on an average people draw money once in 10 days.

    Then what is the problem if ATMs are cashless for 3-4 days in a row? Of course, people have to be aware of the bank holidays etc. and maintain sufficient balance at home at all times for meeting emergency needs.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar: It is really great to know that you withdraw cash only once in a month. I sincerely admire your sense of financial discipline. But I generally withdraw cash once in every week. So, I have to think about withdrawal when ATMs declare 'No Cash'.

    But I am sincerely impressed!

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    #631749 - I am a pensioner though pay income tax @ 30 percent.

    As a matter of fact, generally I seldom withdraw cash from ATMs regularly. Instead I visit the bank branch and withdraw cash using a check as the amount required to be drawn by me cannot be drawn in one go in ATMs in normal course.

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    I am a salaried person and I withdraw my salary as it is deposited in my account. I eagerly wait for the deposition of salary in the account. Due to the closing of the year, my salary of the March has already been deposited in my account on 27 and I have withdrawn on 28 of March. Thanks to inform all the members for withdrawal of amount.
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    I never withdraw cash from ATMs generally or take cash from the bank. That will be done by my wife. Ours is a joint account and we both know the details of the ATM card. Next, to our house, there is an ATM. She will take care of that. Whatever transactions I do are online transactions only. My house loan payment, insurance payments and other monthly payments to medical shop, kirana shop, milk vendor and money to my father will go through online. My only cash transactions are vegetables, servant maid and once in a while expenses when visiting the temple. For any in-between purchases, either credit card or debit card will be utilised. So we don't require much cash. Even current bill, water bill and credit card payment will be carried out online only. Even railway bookings, cinema tickets and online purchases will be internet transfers only. Fruits will be purchased by giving cash only. So overall cash requirement is very low. I pay my driver salary also online only.
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    I follow an entirely different approach.
    My bank is close by to the place of work and I use ATMs only for emergencies. Between us, we withdraw money 4 times a month. We drop by the branch with a cheque for self-withdrawal and get funds for the month. In case the ATM is less crowded and active, we withdraw directly otherwise, we just go to the self-cheque method, it may sound old fashioned but it's very easy if you drop by just around lunchtime on a weekday. The other perk is you can get some smaller denomination notes for change etc and get to know the staff so that at times father or wife can go in for clarifications on loan account, a DD, some advance tax payment etc. So, I use ATMs for an emergency, if on a routine withdrawl it's accessible, I use it otherwise, I follow the old method,

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