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    When exam paper leaked is it better to conduct the whole examination again or only leaked subject?

    As there is a question paper leakage in CBSE examination paper of 10th class mathematics subject and students and parents were come on roads and agitating.As when I was studying 10+2 for the 1st year mathematics question paper was leaked so the whole examinations were scrapped and scheduled a new examination for all subjects.

    1)What do you think is it appropriate to conduct a new schedule of examination or only for a leaked question paper of a particular subject?

    2) Do you think the question paper which is leaked to a particular area or region the examination should be freshly conducted or it doesn't matter a fresh examination should be conducted in all places?
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    For the first time exam paper leakage has happened, thanks to the new technology in hand and unscrupulous elements are stooping to the low level of earning money by releasing the papers on whatsapp and thus making huge money. Already the Board has decided to conduct exams in certain areas where the leakage of paper was reported for some subjects. It is not fair to punish all the students across the country for paper leak at one place or region. Hence forth the authorities must keep vigil on those who are at the help of paper setting and distribution, otherwise such things are going to happen in future too.
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    When an exam paper is leaked , the concerned authorities or the board should take an immediate action.I am sure the papers are not leaked on the day of the examination,for sure days before.
    The examination is held not for few,there are many children around the country and also some parts of the world ,who are taking this examination. Why should all suffer for a re exam,the culprits should be caught and suspended for few years to write the exam.After all the sincere ones have been working hard and writing the exam again will be a punishment for them.
    In regions where the paper was most circulated should be considered.Google is coming to help the authorities ,therefore justice is on the way.
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    The person in the post is better aware about the matter then us. So its good to let them do of the needful.

    We got definite set of rules & the procedures & hope everything would be in their places soon. In context to the exams to be conducted again to all regions, I oppose as we just need to take care of the files which might have got infected with the virus rather then deleting all. This makes no sense.

    All I agree that this never happened earlier & should be thoroughly investigated so that the same may not get repeated next times.

    I am waiting for the final outcome of the investigation.

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    There are to angles for this problem to look at. A good student who prepared well and faced the examination will definitely feel it difficult to face the examinations again for no fault of him/her. Their mindset might have got changed. Their focus on their studies might have got shifted. For such students to face all the examination again for the second time is a big headache and they may not be able to perform as they performed in the first round. So if all the papers are to be rewritten it will be a nightmare for them.
    The second angle is the people who got the paper before the examinations will do definitely better. There is no surety that they are able to get only one paper. They might have got all the papers before the examinations started. So there is no point in cancelling only one paper as the leak is known only for that paper. So if all papers are not cancelled the students who managed the papers will bet advantage.
    However, a genuine student who struggles the whole year and faces the examination will definitely be at a loss if the papers leak.

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    It's sad that the papers have been leaked,it's being looked into about the involvement of teachers and others suspected.

    For the mistakes of a handful of people, the entire student class has to pay for it. I think, the re-exams should be for only the leaked paper and not for the entire exams, because, the logistical implications would be a nightmare and the hardships to students would be huge.
    Conducting exams for the geographical area would be practically good but would have many issues, if the new paper is tougher, the students writing the second time would file a case and if its the other way round, the rest of the students would agitate. It is best to learn from this incident so that the authorities do not take it lightly the next time and have stringent measures, this would help all concerned, including the savings on expenditure for repeating the whole process once more.

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