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    Are we not fooled often by government, family members, relatives and friends

    Yes not only on April fools day, we are being taken for ride and fooled by the successive governments who promise the moon and show the mud to us. Same way the family members fool us by not adhering to our advise and have their own preference of life and living and thus we are totally shattered with our hopes and desires. Like wise relatives make much promises to mitigate our problems but turn blind eyes. And some times friends were also indifferent towards us. So in the whole year ,in fact we are habituated to be fooled. Then whats special about April food day ?
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    Yes, it is true. You call it being made a fool or otherwise, but the fact remains that nobody is able to lead a fair life nowadays. We come across many advertisements published in the newspapers and broadcasted in the television promising so many things but all of us know that most of the promises are fake.

    Still in the twentieth century we can find advertisements in newspapers published by astrologers, babas, gurus and such other persons who claim to enable people to get rid of their all kinds of problems using 'Vashikaran' mantra type of techniques or remedies.

    Many quacks still exist and operate among us. We can find soothsayers or cheats with a parrot sitting below a tree on footpath near courts and hospitals, claiming to predict future of the seekers.

    Thus we are being cheated each day systematically but still we prefer to cast our vote to the same political party, primarily because the other one is also like the first one only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We will be getting fooled many times by many every day. When you get on a bus and give him a note the conduct will fool you by not giving the change saying that he doesn't have the change. The vegetable vendor and the general stores fellow will fool us by weighing less and showing us more. The children will fool us by saying they are going to extra class but going to a movie. These things will happen to many in the society many times.
    Coming to the governments they fool us by showing the heaven in our palm before they got elected and once the got elected they will become stars in the high sky which we can enjoy by seeing but never can touch. Every day in the TV channels we see many adds and we feel the products are really good. Only we know that we were fooled by the company after purchasing the product and using it. So as a common man we are getting fooled in many ways in our life by many.

    always confident

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    For the common man in our country, almost every day becomes an April fool's day. He pays his taxes and expects to be provided with the basic amenities and rights that the country should be proudly giving him. Instead, walk into a bank or government office where ethics should be high, he's made a fool and ends up paying bribes to get things done. He uses a bridge, flyover or a footpath but is made a fool as these start to crumble in a few months. He invests in chit fund only to find that he has been swindled big time and left feeling as a fool himself. He elects leaders hoping that they will get rid of all his problems but he is fooled by the leaders too.
    So, in more than one way the same happens in our social circles for some of us. We have got used to being made fools of and there's very little we can do about it.

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    Yes, I agree with the views of the author and Mr.Natarajan as well. Who else will be a better fool than the Indian voter? He is always dumped by one party or the other. Political parties would come to power with promises beyond reality and the voter would be fooled at the end.

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    We only can be befooled by someone when & only we intend to carry the same with us. So when we are not aware of the facts then this makes us dumb. Mean someone who doesn't have the capability to measure the effect & analyze. So what the author says will continued in the future as well then this simply mean that we are not worth of anything good. So in that case we having bad.

    We need to update us & not others.

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