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    What is a" Tourette syndrome"

    Recently I saw a Hindi movie named Hichki,where a teacher finds it
    difficult to take up a job because of the tourette syndrome.This was the first time I came across the word. It is well explained in the movie.

    I want to know if anyone has come across the word or you know anyone suffering from this syndrome.How difficult situations are for the person suffering from it?please put forth your views on it .
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    It is a disorder identified by repetitive, sudden, and involuntary movements or noises called tics. These will usually appear in childhood, and their severity varies In most cases, tics become milder and less frequent as we grow up.
    There are two types of this syndrome. The first one is called motor tics. Uncontrolled body moments like blinking of eyes, shoulder moment, nose twisting or lips twisting are the indication of this syndrome. There are some other complex motor tics like jumping, kicking, hopping and dancing.
    The second one is Vocal or phonic tics. These are fewer than motor tics. In this also we come across simple and complex varieties. These will appear only after motor tics. Repeating the words of others, repeating their own words and usage of obscene language frequently are comes under complex vocal tics. Simple vocal tics include grunting, sniffing and throat clearing.

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    This is a socially challenging condition to have or to raise a child with Tourette's. Their intelligence is on par with rest and sometimes more. The biggest problem is the sudden nature of the onset of symptoms which draws the attention of others and often be the focus of fun or name calling.
    Anxiety and stress make it worse and people have to cope with an outburst of jerky movements or vocal sounds including swear words and abuses.

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