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    Should we celebrate April Fool's Day ?

    1st April is known as April Fool's Day. At my school we used to play pranks at each other ,try to make fool of other person. Those were normal pranks. But have you ever come across a situation where it was a bigger prank ? Or have seen someone getting hurt ? April Fool's Day is all about making fun of someone and laugh,try to show you proved someone fool. At the same time, we remain attentive throughout the day and see to it that we don't get fooled.
    I think that more than a fool's day ,it must be a fun day .We can then wish each other 'Happy Funny Day' and have fun throughout the day .At offices we can have fun activities ,can wear funny clothes or try to make each other laugh .Instead of laughing at each other we can enjoy the day by having fun together .
    What are your thoughts for this day ?
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    No. We rarely celebrate this April fools day. I don't remember of celebrating anytime during my education days also. But sometimes the newspapers used to publish a big news on the first page with big letters heading. In the inside pages somewhere they used to mention that this a fake news and as it is ist April to make fun of all the leaders, they published it. But these days we don't require any special day for this. All newspapers and TV channels by publishing and airing fake news, they are making the public fools many times. The ethics and values have a comedown. We are all getting dubbed by the present day politicians with their acts and statements.
    Slowly the importance of this day is coming down and many are unaware of this day and they are busy with their routine works like any other working day.

    always confident

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    April 1 is considered to lay in the change of calender from Julian to the Gregorian calender ages back.France was the first country to accept this change.
    Some countries in Europe refused to accept or follow it.Those who accepted,considered others to be fools who refused to change.
    There is nothing to celebrate in India,as a April Fool's day.Fooling others and getting fooled cannot be termed as celebrations.But silly pranks here and there for enjoyment should be not taken to heart on this day.

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    The title reminds me of very latest experience of mine as some days we do not know whether we have to celebrate or not. The recent experience, I was about to watch two front office staff who are dealing with foreign customers wanted to check what to say for Good Friday and then another staff said, only Easter is a celebration while Good Friday, though the word is Good, it is the saddest day.

    Like this, we will have doubts whether any particular day is to be celebrated, as nowadays being global there are many days.

    I feel even this April 1st may be called as Prank instead of making fool, as it is mostly fun or prank only.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Pope Gregory XIII announced that the new calendar to start from 1st January in 1582, instead of the earlier celebration of the New Year at the end of March (on 1st of April). However, in India, this day is not '├želebrated'. People play a prank on others.

    Incidentally, almost all Indian calendars start from mid-April.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Getting fooled cannot be a celebration and in fact insult to others which we are inflicting knowingly. Some people wont like pranks or even slightest remarks against them. Such people wold get offended and takes the issue seriously. We the Indians have some sort of happiness over others weakness and their ability to get fooled which would be fully exploited by some. But just imagine the ordeal of the person who goes through the prank and then getting adjusted to the original time. Some pranks are seriously played which will have health effects on elders. At least desist elders from pranks.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We celebrate many days without even knowing the significance of the events on that day. Even funnier is we wish each other the same on social media, I've had a few forwards today as April fool's day. Only good thing is it's not a declared holiday because if it had been, it would have been the biggest joke. As long as the fun and jokes are taken light-heartedly and do not mean harm, its ok.

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    Somebody wrote in whatsup to celebrate the 'April 1' in a novel way instead of April food day. They suggested as April Cool Day by planting trees. To my surprise I read in Tamil news paper that in a school at Theni District of Tamilnadu they celebrated April Cool Day.

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    Some people have a tendency and inclination to make fool of others. Such people like this type of opportunities when one can take excuse in making others fool by telling that it was April fool.

    Making fool of others is not a healthy practice. It hurts us when someone makes a fool of us. Why should we exercise this?

    Otherwise also it is not our culture. It is a borrowed ritual from the western countries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Why not?

    What's wrong in this? if this makes us happy & helps to come up with the lighter moments then it's good.

    I would recommend to go ahead & enjoy.

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