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    It is Teen Prime day - my finding.

    There are many marketing gimmicks which will come in sales with quotes Primetime, Prime day etc., especially online sales nowadays.

    When one of my friends had a plan to settle in abroad via Permanent Residence Programme, he had booked the ticket on 13.11.17 and immediately that strikes me and told him that he is leaving India on a Prime day, though I felt (many times I will give suggestion according to numerology, as I am not fond of numerology but on numbers) that it may not be good according to numerology.

    Then everyone asked why I am saying Prime day, I said all the dd/mm/yy are prime and hence that date I called Prime day.

    After some days, my memory recalled that date and felt though there may be different prime number combinations in a century will come and they may be called as Prime days but only these kind of dates in a century will be Teen Prime days as the year digit(13,17,19) end with the teen.
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    When we are accustomed with some numbers and they seems to be very dear to us and we tend to have that in mind. Some people wont start any thing before nine in the morning. Because nine is the lucky number for many. Some wants to finish the attempted work by 6 pm, again the reverse of 9. So such believing people would also book tickets for going out settling somewhere. Even the places where you want to go shall have the importance of North, East, South and West. In Tamil we call it sulai. So for those who follow this logic would book tickets accordingly and for you it is teen age digit.
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    Many people believe in numbers. I know people who changed their names for abetter lucky number.When some people purchase vehicles also they try for a number which will give his lucky number when all the digits are totalled. I know some people who select the lottery tickets by seeing the numbers with lucky numbers. Nut I don't know that prime numbers are not good. It is a known to me.
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    @Rao I didn't say that prime numbers are not good, I only said about 13. Instead of saying him badly, I said in a positive way that he is leaving in a prime day.

    Members please use this thread for prime numbers and not for numerology.

    Recently a new prime number is found and it was on the headlines that this number is the largest prime number with 23 million digits it has broken the previous record with more than 1 million digits.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Primedays, I had never given a thought to it. For what the author says, there would have been many primedays in 2017
    So, we had at least 55 prime days in 2017.
    If The Teen prime days are based on the year seventeen, then all of the above would be teen prime days, correct?

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    Yes @Natarajan If you calculate other prime days in a century, there will be more so only in the years 13,17,19 will have teen prime days and that is what I said in my post.

    In a century, if you go with all the prime number years, there will be more such prime days while teen prime days will be 55 x 3 = 165 days only out of (prime numbers between 1 to 100=2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, and 97 ) 25 x 55 = 1375 prime days.

    Also why I specifically mentioned about that date(13/11/17) out of 55 dates is, if you write it in the format mm/dd/yy it will be special as continuous prime numbers 11/13/17 and also an incident happened on that day which made me think in these lines of prime days and continuing to teen prime days.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A very good observation and you have taken me back to the school/college days where I had to fight with these numbers, especially prime numbers. Permutations and combination, the number series used to trouble me as more brain harvest was needed and I used to skip it and sought the help of mathematics guide (getting revealed!). Algebra, trigonometry and Calculus were my pet subjects.

    Coming back to the main content, the Prime numbers are generally considered as odd numbers and people who believe in numerology would prefer the number arrived after summing up, for ex., 13.11.17 (13+11+17=41(4+1=5). So, someone would go with it, if 5 is their favourite number.


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    Thank you, Jagdish for sharing(revealing) your personal experience with this Prime Numbers.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Prime number has been the center of curiosity for the mathematicians or amateur mathematicians since long as they are there endlessly and being invented one by one.

    There have been formulas to compute prime numbers as well as computer algorithm and with increasing number of big computing power machines bigger and bigger prime numbers are being invented.

    The interesting thing about them is that every time you find a new prime number, next time this number will also be used to test the divisibility of another one in the offing and it makes this process very exciting and full of mystery.

    Knowledge is power.

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