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    Alas! I am still stuck at 13

    During my childhood, I used to follow cricket very closely. Sunil Gavaskar was one of my favourite cricketers. Due to the absence of television, I used to depend on radio. During those days, we could get to listen to the commentaries of even important domestic matches. Gavaskar was a very cautious player, he used to build his score very slowly. And at 99, he was very very cautious. He took enormous time to take a single to reach the hundred. Sometime he used to take almost one hour to take that all-important run, and as an avid follower, could not leave the radio during those long period while Gavaskar used to bat at 99.

    But when the batsmen used to bat at 13, all of them tried to cross that unlucky score very quickly. But my case in ISC is totally opposite. I have been occupying the 13th rank for more than one month. Despite serious effort on my part during the last one month, I am stuck at 13-no promotion, no demotion!

    Today is Sunday, the day when the individual ranks change in ISC. But Alas! Even today, I am firmly holding the rank of 13.
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    13 is considered to be a good number by Americans. So we need not worry about 13. It is very good rank.
    I was also a good fan of Gundappa Viswanath the brother in law of Gavaskar. Viswanath was very famous for his techniques and beautiful strokes. I was also hearing commentary on the radio. Gavaskar was very particular about his records and he doesn't want to miss a century at a small difference of only a single run. Those days only five-day matches were famous and there were no one-day matches or T20 matches.
    I wish you will improve your ranking in the coming weeks. All the best to you.

    always confident

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    This month you work more hard. I hope it will change.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    It does not only depend on your effort but also others (top 12), they also put same or more efforts and hence nobody is pushing back and hence you are not pushing up. Sometimes, I have observed in my case, when there is no much effort, my rank has upwards which means, even above me are of similar nature in that particular week and hence they have pushed back.

    So if you feel 13 is not a good number, you may just relax to get back to 14 instead of 12 because it is very difficult to push those 12 backward. By the way, your this thread makes me curious to know who is first nowadays as Pramod is not contributing much.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I am not worried about this particular rank. It is not moving forward or backward for a quite long time. I remember that during my initial days, my rank used to move upward every week.
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    Moving up the rankings is easy up to the point you reach the top 10 or top 25. After that, it becomes difficult because the members of us have worked hard to reach there and now would be working to ensure that they are status quo or maintain the levels.
    If you have a spectacular month of performance in various sections with the points keeping ringing or someone above slows down, then you would move up. Hope you have an excellent April month.

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    My performance in the month of March, 2018 has been spectacular (my own standard). Let me see whether my position changes, or not during this month.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A candidate in a competitive examination succeeds not on the basis of his own performance but on the basis of performance of his/her competitors.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    With curiosity, I checked again to see whether your position has changed. Yet there is no downward or upward trend in your ranking after the final positioning of ranks under the automated system finalised the list on Sunday evening. But feel happy for maintaining the consistency in your contribution. You are really doing good in all sections. Keep it up!


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    A very interesting observation by the author though I perceive it slightly differently.

    When I joined ISC about 1 year and 3 months back then in a few days I saw my rank somewhere between 100 and 150. From thereafter it steadily climbed up and reached 37 a few months back and now it is stuck at 37 like pole star (dhruv tara).

    Now I am not seeing it to go up because most of us are stuck at our positions and incidentally you are at 13. We have to do quite some effort to maintain this position otherwise it will start it's journey to downside.

    So the question is whether we can do more than what we are contributing today. If yes, then only further upside will be seen.

    The interesting thing is even for example let us assume that number 5 is working hard and becomes number 4 and number four comes down to number 5 then also you remain at 13 and I at 37.

    So this is an equibrium where we are stuck with our optimum efforts. I do not know till what time it is going to continue like this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Keep going.

    If I remember my position in the starting, than remarkably I have gained a lot. But I know that as I am going upwards the competition would be worse. But for sure I am going to enjoy this.

    Thanks a lot to this forum.

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    I am glad to announce that this Sunday, finally my rank has changed. After long last! And that too when the ME kindly reviewed my pending articles. So, my rank has changed thanks to the ME.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    My heartiest congratulations to the author on the occasion of his promotion rank wise. I also wish him all the best for future endeavors also.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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