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    A Good fame is better than a good face do you agree?

    Many of us stumbled in taking a decision of adjudicating a person by having the good appearance or having a good face and we neglect his/her good reputation if he doesn't have an attractive face and always judge a person by having a good face.Do you think A good fame is better than a good face?Many of the actress or actor in the present movie industry having a good face not have the good reputation in acting.Do you agree with this?
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    The fact is a good mind and heart is always better than a beautiful face. Once you are good at heart and do good deeds automatically you get good fame. The ultimate achievement of a human being is to get a good name in the society and people should talk about him in his absence also. If people remember me after my demise from this world and if they talk good about me those times also, I can say that I got good fame because of my good deeds. A good face may fetch some appreciation for your beauty which is a temporary phenomenon. But if you are good at your heart and if you have beauty at your heart you will be remembered by many as a good person. The money will become other's after you die but the name will be your's forever either good or bad. Hence keep oing good and help the people in need.
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    Besides physical beauty, mental or intellectual beauty also matters. Because of such reasons, in all beauty pageants personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges' questions are also considered as judging criteria besides physical beauty attributes.

    Fame is different. A candidate declared Miss World or Miss Universe becomes instantaneously famous irrespective of her subsequent contribution to the welfare of the society.

    However, in general, there is no connection between 'good face' and 'fame'.

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    I shall go with the good fame and wont give credence to good face. We should not undermine a person with his face or personality and but his knowledge and wisdom.
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    That's why it is very often said, "Don't judge the book by its cover". As appearances are deceptive, we should understand the credentials of an individual by means of his social behaviour and his interactions with others. A close observation of their acts and deeds would suffice to know more about him and it is very often observed that those who don't look good would be kind at heart and more helpful to others. It doesn't mean that those who are handsome/beautiful should be categorised other way round. It all depends on the environment one lives in and the brought up also.

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    As per Indian tradition or the Indian culture, what we see around us is just the "Maya". It is by default that we automatically get attracted towards it. We can't do anything but to keep on with our businesses with these. We often buy a certain commodity as this is associated with some big personality. And the commodity could be anything ranging from the eatables to the properties.

    Few of the authors have clarified their stance that they will continue to prefer the good fame above good face but in this context, I would like to clarify here that they still invest their money into some beauty products. This remains the case with each one of us although we keep on deny this.

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    In addition & in support of what I have commented for, I would want the authors to list only few of the Individuals who throughout their life have worked for the upliftment of this society. Before putting the list pl. don't go for but be honest to your knowledge.

    I am counting on one or two & not more.

    Not asking for the face value as we all aware about the famous personalities in the Bolywood.

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    Two names are coming in my mind who have done a lot of efforts for upliftment of poor and downtrodden.

    One is Vinoba Bhave and other is Satya Sai Baba.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good face at the most get you a second look but that's it. The physical appearance or the attributes are good only to get the attention which is temporary. What truly matters is our conduct, our nature and our attitude towards fellow human beings and work.

    I remember our family doctor, a thorough gentleman who would not be looked at by many new people. But in his clinic, you will see people waiting for hours together and thank him with folded hands. Anything wrong with anyone in the neighbourhood, the first visit would be to him and then go to other hospitals if needed. He used to be regularly called during the Ganesha festival and honoured with a gift. Similarly, there would be many people who would not attract a second glance from the public but would be respected by people who know them not for there good looks (or absence of it) but for their service and helping nature which has brought them the fame.

    On the same subject, people in South would remember the Tamil actor Mr.M.N Nambiar, who was the best villain on screen,n but in real life was well known for his religious beliefs and visits to Shabarimala.

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    It is true that person needs to have a good mind rather than having a beautiful face. The people who are having good personalities judge people based on their wrong things. No one understands the best performances. This is the same in working at an organization, where no one cares about your beautiful work done for the company. This is as usual in every life of the person.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that a good fame is better than a good face. Physical beauty is temporary whereas inner beauty will remain permanent. We always want to purchase branded items due to their good fame since they maintain quality.
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