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    Not changing with time - Is it the cause for the Left parties' failure in India?

    Their ideology is good. They fight always for the cause of the people. Many of them are not after power or money. The element of corruption that creeped into many political parties has not affected them. To be fair, there are no major allegations levelled against them. They are none other than the Communist parties in India. They have inspired many youth of the country to fight against the dominance of the Landlords in the earlier days in the tribal/rural part of the country. Their quotes on the walls used to inspire the rural masses that led to have their strong base in many areas. Yet they never rose to power except to become the main Opposition party in the initial years of the post-independent India.

    There need to be an introspection by them. Countries like China and Russia felt that they are susceptible for a change and accepted the change with the time. While the Indian Left parties which inherited the Marxist/Lenin ideology appear to have not learnt any leaf from them. Slowly their influence seems to be getting eroded with the loss of Tripura in the N-E region. Once the main political parties in India used to look at them for support while the scene has shifted where they are trying to survive with the support of some other regional parties. What could be the reason? What do you say on this?
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    Really they are one of the good political parties who works for the good of the people. These political parties must have some good and strong representation in both Parliament and State Assemblies to fight for the cause of the people. Many main parties in general think to maintain their power and their number etc. But these parties work for the welfare irrespective of whether they are in power or not. People have to encourage such parties which works with some ideology and who are away from corrupt practices. Such political parties are the need of the hour in today's worsened and power mongering politicians in political arena.

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    I do respect the ideology and policies of left parties which fights for the labour class and for the justice to the poor. But I just cannot understand as to why they supported the Congress which had the corruption mark against it and thus the left parties lost their face and reputation among the mass. That is why the simple living former CM of Tripura Manik Sarkar was defeated by BJP. Even today the alternative to BJP and Congress is on cards and in TN , Kamala Hassan is going to work with Left parties. Let us see whether the new fond alliance would bring a change in TN at least.
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    The subject of the thread is good, but I do not agree to most of the comments of the author. First, let us come to ideology what is the ideology of the left? They propound a Utopian concept named ''Dictatorship of the Proletariat''. They tell people that one day all over the world, the class of 'have-nots' will rule over the class of 'haves'. The struggle between the class of 'have-nots' and the class of 'haves' is called ''class-struggle'' and it is called the only real struggle of the world. The middle-class people are called bourgeoise or petit-bourgeoise and they are not trusted, although most of the communist leaders belong to this group only.

    This terrible ideology. all over the world, destroyed crores of people. Those who died, have been saved. Those who remained faced the terrible consequence of this ideology. They communist leaders have forced this Utopian ideology and destroyed everything, but they themselves followed the Orwellian concept of ''all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others''.

    I will discuss this issue further.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Nowhere in the world, the policy of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has become successful. Entire erstwhile USSR including Russia has long left the path of communism. Same is true for Bolivia. In Cuba also, Fidel had started deviating from communism. China is talking about communism but firmly follows the so-called dirty ways of capitalism. In India also, people have been discarding communism which is evident in West Bengal and Tripura. In Kerala also, the communism will be discarded in another ten years or less than that.

    In communist countries and in Indian states affected by communism, we can see a vast difference in lifestyle between the leaders and the cadres. Communism has adopted the vices of capitalism in a very effective manner.

    Now let us come about so-called class struggle. If any person reads Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago or One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, he/she will clearly understand what this terrible class struggle means. During the so-called cultural revolution in China, millions of educated people were killed by Mao and his followers. In India, we have seen the meaning of class struggle in West Bengal, Tripura and in Kerala. Maoists are destroying the industry in Chattisgarh and Jharkhand in the name of class struggle.

    In a nutshell, this regressive ideology is pulling down class to the level of mass, instead of pushing up mass to the level of class. This ideology has destroyed West Bengal and will destroy Kerala, if not checked immediately.

    I will continue.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The ideology of the communist party in India is inspired by Russian type of the communist regime rather than China. Still they have not been successful in achieving it as India has very deep roots of democracy.

    The utter failure of Russia in keeping their country united has demotivated the communist movement in India.

    In communist system also there are many lacunae and people are afraid of the aftermath when one loses his privacy and freedom totally. Another disheartening fact is that the people in power will remain in power for long and will have a dictatorship type of attitude which is not in favour of the common masses.

    The communist minds in India will look into these challenges with a fresh mind rather than pursuing the old patterns. New strategies will have to be worked out to attract people to the modified doctorine.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Past is different.

    What matters most Is the present performance. Often in the discussions in the various news channels, we got an impression that they are very narrow minded with an attitude of anti-nationalistic side. When there was a news of pulling down a statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin in Tripura state, there was a hectic environment. Adding, when there is an issue of resurrection of temple in Ayodhya, those people said to have taken the side of establishing some hospital instead of a temple. But when they were asked about the brutal killing of RSS workers in the state of Kerala then they went dumb.

    We can see them supporting to even the terrorists as the distracted youth which became so due to lack of resources. They never got the color of terrorism but has declared saffron as the color of terror. They even sided with the JNU slogans including phrases like "Kashmir ki azadi tak jung chalegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung chalegi" ("War will continue till Kashmir's freedom, war will continue till India's demolition")

    Adding, they even agreed that death sentence to Afzal Guru should have been denied which was & although convicted by the SC. The lists is long that they are no more concern with nationalistic approach.

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    The element of corruption in communist parties is not existing. It is true that we never hear any corruption aspects of the communist people. The people like Jyothi Basu were never involved in corruption charges. But one problem I noticed with them is they never keep an eye on the development of the country. They always talk about the disparities between the rich and poor. But they never take any actions which will make poor also to become rich or at least to have a better life. They always talk about revolting against the have by have-nots.
    Another greatest feeling in Indians is that they are against democracy and they are more prone towards dictatorship. I am not very sure how far it is correct but this fear is there for many people in India. So nobody wants them to see in the power. The top brass of these parties should think about this point and they should change their approach and see that the people will get a confidence in them and they should not feel that by voting these people we will not have the democracy in the country.

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    At the theoretical level also, the basic policies of this 'ism' are faulty. Men can't be equated with animals. Animals belonging to the same species can be equal, but human beings can't. The material prosperity in a ideal society of human beings should and must depend upon the superiority of thinking ability. We can't equate Einstein with a common man. We can't equate Bill Gates or Steve Job with any ordinary person. There must be a material difference. Moreover, when there is inequality due to the difference in thinking ability, education, working ability and various other factors, equality among all is not possible.

    Moreover, 'dictatorship of the proletariat' is not possible. It couldn't be implemented in any communist country. No communist ruler has been a proletariat. Human society can't be divided in only two classes. So, the theory of 'class struggle' is also wrong.

    This terrible '...ism' has caused more harm than good. Although some Members have spoken about the honesty of communist or left leaders, it is not always true. It is better for the people of India to discard and throw away this regressive ideology.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The author has listed the true qualities of the original communist parties.Generally, we have grown up with the image of the communist parties as authorative, rigid, frequent strikes and a low threshold for violence.

    In the global arena, are the communist leaders and the party capabale enough to project India as a country that is good for ecnomic and trade relations. I doubt so, trade, bilateral economic development would often prefer a more democratic party with a image that things can be neogitiated or discussed.

    IF the communists want to get back, then they have to change their strategy and link up with the opposition at the North Eastern states to come back to power. I think, the image of the communist party is not as appealing widely as the BJP or the Congress in the minds of the electorate.

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    I reiterate my earlier stand. The terrible, utopian and impractical ideology has been and will be rejected by all people of the world. Moreover, the intellectual dishonesty of the left is now crystal clear.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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