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    Do you eat avocados?

    Avocado is used in preparation of culinary delights like smoothies, salads, sandwiches and dips. Because of its creamy flavor, it goes well with many dishes acting as a nutritious addition to various recipes.

    However, it's uses are not much popular and it is not easily available also in local markets in cities like Lucknow.

    Are you aware of the health benefits of use of versatile fruit avocado? Is it available in your city easily? What are its name in various Indian languages?
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    It is called commonly as butter fruit and hence in Tamil, it is a literal translation of butter as Vennai and fruit as Pazham and hence it is called as Vennai Pazham. Recently when I had visited Trissur, this fruit tree is available in one of the family's garden and I heard it is famous in Kerala and particularly in Vayanad. Also they said it is very much nutritious and said it contains 30 to 40 percent fat and mainly used in preparation of desserts.
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    I have not tasted these fruits but I have seen them in Spencer Supermarket in my city. But I found very costly. They are single seeded large fruits which known to contain large quantity of fats, Potassium mineral and rich dietary fibre. These fruits are known to be good for weight reduction. These fruits are native of Mexico.

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    I am hearing it for the first time. I have not seen it. Certainly it may be available in Hyderabad. I shall find out in reputed super markets and try to have it and then report here.
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    It is called Venna Pandu in Telugu. They are bigger in size and contain a big seed inside. The taste is a special taste which can't be classified as one the regular tastes we know.
    They are very rarely available. I ate that fruit during my last visit to Cochin and I have not seen them in Hyderabad.

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    We got used to avocados while we were in England. The tastes is at times bland with the consistency of a slightly sticky pulp. It is a good source of fiber and vitamins. In Bangalore we get it in the supermarkets, in packs of three or four, a little on the expensive side,in Kannada, it's referred to as Benne Hannu (butter fruit). It's very good for salads and vegetable mixes that are served fresh and uncooked.

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    I heard the name of butter fruit and also seen in the markets of Madurai and Chennai but I have not tasted or bought. I was of the though that it is used for some cooking purpose. By seeing this posting and discussions I came to know that it is a common one in all parts of our country. Any one can say whether it can be eaten as it is or by cooking or making juice.

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    Avocados are like a mango where inside it is having a small bitter taste which is good for health. It helps to cleanse our body. In India, It is not available in all local markets. usually, it comes from the gulf or foreign countries where Avocados are important for their diet.
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