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    Do we follow grammar while using language?

    What is the significance of grammar in verbal or written language? How many people actually bother about grammatical rules of language, whether it is English or a traditional regional language?

    We use different languages for communication, depending on the situation. However, English is the widely used link language. A language conveys the message if the rules attached to that particular language are strictly followed. Grammar is the general name which we use for this rule of the language. It is a strange and wonderful thing. It is the unique pattern of the language. It decides how the words are to be arranged for conveying the message. It makes the communication possible. It helps the speaker to convey his message. Similarly it helps others to understand the message. But are we strictly following this rule while writing or speaking.

    Are the standards of students, even at post graduate level, getting worse? Recently I got about fifty answer papers of PG students from a University. Their usage of the language was miserable. Since it was not answer papers of literature course, I was not to correct these mistakes or reduce marks.

    Of late a well known Malayalam Poet made a Press conference in order to make an appeal to the authorities that his poems should not be taught in different classes. He pointed out the mistakes made in a note given by a post graduate student to him for personal reactions.

    I used to notice several mistakes in this forum section itself.
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    Invariably after the advent of internet and e mail and sms communication, there has been short cut usage of words which do convey the meaning , but has lots of grammatical error and mistakes. Even some new members joining this site has the habit of writing in that language which we dissuade. So it is but natural that even the higher class students are writing the same way in exam and examiners are bound to correct the same cautiously. The English teacher in each class must teach the importance of the language and how to write exams without error and grammar mistake free.
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    In my mother tongue Telugu, for spoken language there is no need to follow grammar in particular to speak. Because of the mother tongue we are habituated and cultivated to speak easily without thinking about grammar aspect. But for writing poetry in Telugu language one has to follow grammar aspect strictly. Pandits and scholars without thinking like us sing or write the poetry easily without any grammatical mistakes. I think those who are habituated to speak in English doesn't think about grammar all the time to speak. But for writing prose or poetry in English we have to follow a set of grammatical rules. As students of present generation spending most of their time with modern gadgets are less subjected to speaking, writing and reading skills which is sevely affecting their language provess.

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    We all use proper grammar while speaking in our mother tongue without thinking about the grammar. We have learned it naturally from the birth. The accent/tone of speaking our mother tongue may differ but the grammar won't differ. English being a foreign language, we need to learn it with correct usage of grammar. I too observed many post graduates speaking or writing poor English with lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Similarly, Hindi is a foreign language to South Indians who need to learn the proper grammar for use.
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    In the early phase of a language learning one is cautious of grammar and learns it by default. It is the grammar of a language that beautifies it and the sentences created are arranged in a garland like presentation.

    With time grammar becomes in but in our narrations and we also start using common and slang phrases in our writings and many times ignore the gender as well as singular/ plural protocol.

    The evolution of a language is in that fashion only and with time certain deviations are also accepted by the lexicographers and are incorporated in dictionaries.

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    We follow grammar to the best of our abilities but not like the author Juana in all cases. As mentioned by fellow authors in their responses above, English is our second language only. Many of us have studied in vernacular medium schools in primary classes and therefore are not well versed in English grammar like those who have got educated in English medium reputed public schools.

    In Uttar Pradesh, I think many of the English teachers in the Hindi medium school are also not proficient in English grammar and therefore they are not able to teach their students correct English grammar.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think that totally depend on what we hear and are taught . We tend to go in the flow with what we hear from others. Be it our mother tongue or language that we start learning by hearing others or reading. Grammar is a part of it initially, however, when you start understanding the language and become more fluent, grammar part gets ignored. Out of ignorance, some time you want to convey something and with that small grammar missing, it gets communicated in a different way.

    When we are typing or want to communicate, we intend to first think in our mother tongue and then translate it in our mind to English, then communicate it,again sometime we do miss grammar here to.. So as best practice be it your mother tongue or any other just think before you speak.

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    We used to learn grammar for languages during our high school study. Those days some grammar classes for each language were there. The teachers used to teach us the grammar points and we used to practice that. But slowly the importance of grammar has come down. A concept is developed among all that conveying the information to the understanding of the other person is sufficient and undue thrust need not be given about the grammar. This is only spoiling the language skills of people.
    In our mother tongue, we speak write and read. Therefore this we need not worry about the grammar. But when you want to write a poem or a good art le we should know the grammar points correctly. I understand these days in SSC language paper also there are no decreasing the marks for improper grammar in writing. To have a good understanding and authority in any language one should learn the grammar.

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    The overall communication just comes automatically which depends upon the experience that we are carrying since our childhood days. To me it's a matter of understanding when one communicates to others.

    Like as we are in this forum presenting our submission on various topics. We take care while posting as we are monitored for these. Not to tell that other things are also associated with this so we double check our postings. This also happens when we do any official postings but in personal life we don't do such timings. But it's good as we have different approach for our professional as well as in personal life.

    Whatsoever way that we have opted for but this needs consistent improvement as in the major part we are dealing with the external customers.

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    In correspondence and verbal communication, practically msot of us are happy if we can get a sentence correct that conveys what we want to say.

    The level of competency of grammar and Enlgish vocabulary depends on the level of exposure and teaching each student has got or is getting. OF course the calibre of the teacher and student is widely variable. What the author has noticed impies that the standards were sub-optimal.

    Personally, I tend to make a few grammatical mistakes while I reply in ISC, if there is an official correspondence, I tend to scan it once more and pick up errors.

    With the use of computers and word check with spelling and grammar correction, are we getting more dependent on software programs to correct/edit rather than learning proper grammar?

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    Earlier we were using British English and now totally in all parts of India using American English, which grammar one should get wellversed? As told in many SMS, computer, Whatsapp the language is communicated in different ways. Moreover my worry, may be a puzzling one in me also,we people worrying much about English Grammar but how many of us know our own mother tongue grammar well, how many of us remember the grammar of our own language studied in Schools or colleges?

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    We have studied in our mother tongue and we translate the topic into English and comment it according to our abilities in using English Grammer. We cannot be supermans when using the language, as most of them will not have a good amount of knowledge. We learn according to our mistakes which help in improving our work. Now English has become medium of communicating, but in different countries, English is not made their first language and it is their Mother tongue which they have given more importance. Usually English language came from British people who came to rule India and after that most of people are communicating in the English language.
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