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    Incredible India: Veena Vandini School, Village: Budhela, Distt.:Singrauli (MP)

    These type of people are very rare -only one in a million. But some parents discourage their children who possess this rarest of the rare quality and even try to rectify(!) this problem. But in a non-descript village in Singrauli District of Madhya Pradesh, there is a school which trains students to have this quality, encourages them and nurtures this rare quality.

    I am talking about ambidextrous children. They can write with both hands. Veena Vandini School teaches 300 such ambidextrous children. They are encouraged to nurture this practice. These children perform special exercises and practise writing with both hands throughout the day. Not all students are naturally ambidextrous. They are trained to be ambidextrous in this school. The students of the school can write many languages equally fluently with both hands. They say that they can save time if they learn to write with both hands.

    Ex-Serviceman V.P. Sharma is the Founding-Principal of this school. He has been inspired by Pandit Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, who was ambidextrous. Mr. Sharma founded the school in July, 1999. Mr. Sharma can himself write with both hands very fluently and he teaches/further strengthens this art to his students. Some South Korean researchers visited the school and did an extensive study for two years on the students' special ability.

    Incredible India!
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    A very motivation and inspiring thread. A student when he is young can learn whatever is asked him to learn. He can learn 2-3 languages also. He can learn singing, swimming, gymnasium and all sort of other activities without problem.

    The ambidextrous are way ahead of it. They can perform in amazing ways. Only thing required is nurture them, give them a conducive environment. The narrated passage is one great example of such unbelievable confusions in young minds.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ambidextrous people have the ability to use both hands with equal ease. The ambidextrous may prefer writing with their right hands as the left-hand may smudge what they've written as their hand will move across the page.
    Coming from the Latin word ambidexter, which means "right-handed on both sides," ambidextrous describes someone who can use both of their hands to write, swing a or catch or many other activities.
    In Mahabharat Pandavamadhyama, the great warrior, Arjuna is known to be an ambidextrous person. He used to fight equally with both the hands. He was called SWAYASACHI.
    It is great to note that there is a school for these people to nurture their skill properly and see that they will become good in this.This is for the first time I am hearing that Babu Rajendra Prasad our first President was ambidextrous. Thanks to the author for the information.

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    Nice to hear about the school that encourages ambidextrous, some people think that being able to do things with both hands is useful in certain fields (playing musical instruments, martial arts etc). It is also claimed to imporve the brain function.

    But is it correct to train a child who is NOT naturally ambidextrous? The left part of the brain controls the dominant right hand and vice-versa. the right and left parts of the brain are not the same functionally. I'm not convinced about grooming a child to become ambidextrous.

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    It is really a matter of pride and prestige for the country to have a school like Veena Vandini School, Budhela, in Singrauli district of MP which teaches to write through both hands. Every one uses only one hand either left or the right, but it is really astonishing to read and know that about 300 students of this school are being regularly practiced and taught to write with two hands by V.P. Sharma , Founding-Principal of this school. By learning this great art, the children are being mastered to accept multiple responsibility in their future life and I am sure , they would perform with ease and efficiently. And if the children are trained from the tiny age, they would learn any skill with interest and dedication and thus over the course of time they would perfect the art beyond comparison. My best wishes to the students of that school and also insists other schools to emulate that school.
    K Mohan
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    I don't think that the students are going to gain much by being ambidextrous. It may be just an idiosyncracy of the founder principle of the school. No doubt, it is an extra ability but we never come across any such instance in our day to day life when people with such an ability have carved out a special niche for themselves.

    However, there are certain skills in which dexterity of both the hands i.e. ambidexterity comes handy e.g. typing work or jugglery. Similarly, for surgeons and martial art practitioners also, such skills come handy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    On the contrary, the teachers and some researchers think that if both the parts (lobe) of the brain are equally active (as in the case of ambidextrous people), the chance of success is much more. However, it is a theory and more research is required to establish this theory.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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