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    But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep - Robert Frost

    Because of limitations of characters, I could not write the full inspiring quote of Robert frost which is as follows -

    'The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.'

    Before writing this thread, I promised to myself that I will not refer any internet resources for developing this para for completing the thread before submitting it for publication. Instead I will share only those thoughts which are coming to my mind naturally and spontaneously.

    It is morning, not night but still the quote is relevant since we always have many promises to keep primarily because though it is much easy to make a promise but invariably it is very challenging to keep the same.

    What the cited quote of Robert Frost mean to you?
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    For me this quote you would mean, that work hard when you can and reach you goal. Once you have reached or achieved your goal then you can take rest and lead a happy life..
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    The poem is "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.
    The poet is travelling on a snowy evening with his horse.He halts at a small house of a neighbour and for a moment thinks he should stop by and admire the snowfall, on a dark evening, but then realises that he has a long way to go and he should continue his journey.The lines tell us that though the beauty of nature had a great impact on the poet, he decided to carry on his journey.Thus the poem ends with these lines The woods are lovely dark and deep and I
    Miles to go before I sleep...and miles to before I sleep

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    Quote clearly says that we have many things to do but we spend time without knowing the value of time. Many of us have lot dreams to cherish but most of us don't try for it and ultimately blame the fate or any person whom we are very much related to like our parents, uncle, aunty etc. The above quote clearly says that we have to struggle hard for a better future for what we dream and not lose hope till we get success because all fruits will not be sweet we have select the sweet one.

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    I feel these famous lines of the poet, Robert Frost, will be a motivating quote for all of us. There are many beautiful things in the world which are worth seeing and enjoying. But at the same time, we should also remember our other commitments and responsibilities which are to be completed by us. In our real life, we should see that first, we will fulfil our commitments and responsibilities before taking a call on enjoying.
    Even though the beauty of nature made the author think for a moment, he is able to come out of that temptation and continue his journey to fulfil his commitments and reach the destination in time. So we all should also take him as an example and should not relax till we complete our journey and reach the destination by fulfiling all our commitments and duties.

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    What I take inspiration from this great saying is that, once we attempt to do a work, we must finish it come what may as the hurdle. That perseverance and dedication will bring name and fame in future. And those who finish their task are always relaxed persons and not having any tension of what so ever. On the other hand those who have not finished their routine work, they are confronted with unwanted thinking process and that lead to many confusions later. And those who make the promise has the responsibility to fulfill and then only he can stand in the society.
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    Metaphor, is an expression, that describes a person or object by referring to something that is considered to have similar characteristics or a features to that of a person or object. So in this context, the Metaphor has been used throughout.

    Therefore, sleep is a metaphor for death. So, before this life end-up, the person belonging here, might be the poet himself, needs to fulfill the responsibilities before he dies.

    The speaker is probably showing the intentions that he got many commitments to be met. He has a lot of things to do without respite (sleep) means before death. Until he has delivered his commitments he cannot afford to take a break, take out sometime for himself. There are many beautiful things in the world which referred as lovely woods. But he can't afford to indulge in those things & promises to keep and nothing else, is he in a position, to invest time on.

    The person needs to be of literature background in order to understand or grasp the beauty of the poem here. Anyone can make a comparison between the object being referred in here & go on narrating the things.

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    This is a very good quote presented in the forum by the author and invokes mixed feelings to comment.

    Life is a continuous journey full of hard work and challenges and there is no place for stopping. Laziness will sometimes override on us and we will be tempted to stop our endeavors and break the momentum but we should not stop as there are a lot of incomplete tasks and many goals to be secured in the forthcoming journey.

    The quote inspires us to sustain our efforts relentlessly and follow our pursuits attentively.

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    A wonderful quote, to me it doesn't matter what time of the day or who thinks about it. It would apply to all.
    A child preparing for his/her exams, a teenager getting sidetracked in life with the lure of drugs, alcohol and becoming a spendthrift, a newly married couple enjoying their lives without thinking of saving and planning for the family, a professional being contented in a job without thinking about self development or keeping up his skills, a politician forgetting his promises to the masses etc.
    In all the above, each individual is exposed to various distractions that are so nice that time passes off quickly and so that the opportunity. So, although 'status quo' and distractions are so comfortable that we forget about the task at hand, we need to quickly move on with the aim (endpoint) always in mind.

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    Attached my picture of peacocks on a huge tree that I came across just around dawn during a jungle safari, being large birds, they fall prey to leopards and other predators, so they try and perch high on trees to spend the night. so, miles to go before they sleep peacefully and safely.

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    The famous poem of Robert Frost was included in our Xth Board syllabus. The only question which we answered in the examination (from the poem) was why the last line was repeated twice/significance of the repetition. All of us had to learn the significance by heart. Incidentally, I have heard that the poem was also an all-time favourite of Jawaharlal Nehru.

    To me, the lines signify that in the busy life of modern human being, it is not possible to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. We have to trudge on till the eternal sleep engulfs us.

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    Going to sleep is inevitable.

    The only question remains is whether we have promised someone to go miles before sleep or simply withering away our lifetime just to get slumbered.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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