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    Do you think CBSE and ICSE Exam should go online than paper?

    With the leakage of Question Papers of CBSE getting hotter in the country, there are diversified views being put forth to have an effective examination pattern. Do you think it is time for CBSE, ICSE and any other form of exams which are critical to go online? Offer your views and see what others have a say on this.

    Either you are student or parent, have heard about all the question paper leak happened during the CBSE exams and student need to re-write the exam question paper on April 25 (Economics).

    With all the investigation that has gone, the final outcome as of yesterday was Teacher from a school have taken pictures 30 minute before the exam and forwarded using whatsapp to a tutor who runs coaching center, and it was then circulated with minutes across the country.

    So with this kind of communication, The exams which decide the fate of student for next career goal and future decision to be taken. What is your take on it? As we have other exams when we apply for Foreign University such IELTS, GATE or any other entrance online.

    Do you think it is time for CBSE, ICSE and any other form of exams which are critical to go online?
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    I am averse to online exams for the boards as of present. Our students are not trained nor have the expertise to have the competitive exams on line. Instead the boards has to tighten their exams procedures by preparing three sets of papers and that should be released varied across the country in a tossed way so that no paper can get hold of wrong doers and get leaked. Moreover the papers must be released to concerned exam centers ten minutes before the exam. Here all three sets would come to each center and which set will be chosen would be decided by local board officials at the time of exams.
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    Recently there is a thread on the subject of CBSE paper leaking issue. In that thread, I suggested a similar solution. My suggestion is not an online examination. But sending the papers through the internet just on the day of examination. It will avoid the problem of deciding the question paper well in advance and getting it printed. In the process of printing, only many chances are arising from paper leakage. Conducting online examination for so many people, I think, may be very difficult at this present juncture. Already some areas these online examination systems are introduced.
    Another point is making a fall back arrangement is another point which will help in avoiding these leakage problems. Instead of having only one set getting printed 3 or 4 papers should be printed and which set goes to which school should not be known to anybody. If there is a doubt that one set got leaked, that paper should not be given to any school.

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    Good thinking but we don't have the infrastructure yet. It's like, still a miles to go before this is implemented. We need to have as much systems as the numbers of students who will appear for the examinations. Along with the systems we would require the internet connections. Adding that the student has to be good in typing.

    No we don't have enough resources which may allow us to go for it.

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    The Government of India should first try to bring parity between the state and central syllabi. There should be a common syllabus prevail in this country and the Medium of instruction should be left for the choice of the students. The system of On-line examination cannot be recommended as there is still a disparity between the Rural and Urban India where the Urban students have a very good edge over those of the rural part by virtue of coaching, infrastructure and faculty. How can we compare a student from Delhi with a student from Bellary in Karnataka, though both belong to the CBSE/ICSE core? What about the online facilities and other teaching aids?

    The pattern of the examination should be streamlined for the off-line examination or paper-based examination. Moreover, CBSE based examinations have never been put into controversy as happened this year. Their scheme of conducting the exam was a fool-proof system with various sets of papers and it is quite astonishing as to how this time the system failed to detect the fraudulent behaviour of some set of people.


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    Since the paper was leaked only 30 minutes before the examination, it is clear that the teacher on duty at the examination center opened the sealed envelop of the question papers, took its photo on his/her mobile and trandmitted it outside to the coaching centre.

    Therefore, one option is to retain the existing system as it is but only with a change in the manner of distribution of question papers to various examination centres.

    In the modified system, the question papers may be transmitted directly to the examination centre only 10 or even 5 minutes before examination time through internet technology or on WhatsApp etc.

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    I don't agree with the thought of making an examination for class Xth and XII to go online firstly, because it still does not ensure an environment without cheating and scandals.
    And this has also proven in the recent SSC examination for which thousands of students are protesting in Delhi.
    Secondly, Children should also have the knack of writing in written examination although it is good to have technical knowledge in this era of digitization, this shouldn't replace the pen and paper mode completely.

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    My take will be going digital. In this way, every paper is secured and it is become school responsibility to have the required infrastructure. This form of examination should be executed only for the final examination. The regular examination that happens within the school should be the standard format (writing).

    If you see within 30 minutes the information was transferred and it has affected many students across the country. So going digital is a way, where a person log into the computer using his hall ticket or invigilator providing a secret code when the person enter the room. Every student will have the same question paper but it should be random. Then question should comprise of both multiple choice and answer (typing).

    All this should be taught within the school. Though it is rural or small / mid or city, as everyone is used and dedicated to phone nowadays. So going digital can be good option may be in slow phase.

    Like to share - I went to give me driving license test and even a small exam like this is now online. Then why not exams which decide future of person.

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    Online objective type exam is one solution to fight with the menace of copying in our country.

    Only thing is it may require good infrastructure and computer networking with good speed so that it may become a practical possibility.

    I remember that earlier when electoral process was manual, it was very difficult and cumbersome for the polling officers to manage the show. After electronic voting things became simple and the process was very convenient. Likewise implementation of electronic online exam will help in eradicating copying and will make the process hasslefree.

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    Do you think it is time for CBSE, ICSE and any other form of exams which are critical to go online?
    Ans. No, These exams can not be taken online. Our schools and colleges are not equipped with computer labs which can house so large number of students. Our students are not able to operate computer and typing. Online exams is also being hacked. Recent SSC-CGL math paper was hacked and leaked on 21 Feb 2018.

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    Going online for exam may reduce paper waste but it won't be a healthy exam.
    As we are moving towards mordernization there is a high chance that Online exams can be leaked than question paper.It may provide a event for even malpractices in exam.Our Indian School it may be CBSE or ICSE school are not under good condition in providing proper equipment for going online exam.I think it is not a proper time to go through online exam for especially broads 10th and 12th.The student may write exam online but it takes time for student's and they may not get all the freedom to do rough or they may not be able to give thier best in exam since writing in answer sheet the person can go on with his answer in a flow but same freedom is not available in online exams are good for competitive exam but not for boards and school.With online exam papers may be secured up to an extent but there are cases where even online papers have been hacked.I Don't think India is in that position presently to go online since many people are illiterate and schools are busy in making buisness. For board exam online is not a good way because the students may lose interest in pen and pencil if replaced with keyboard.It is not at all possible to study in computers and get practiced for exam,but atlast we require pen and pencil if students lose interest in pen and pencil I won't think the study is knowledgeable.

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    It will be difficult to conduct online examination for CBSE and ICSE, as students are not practiced properly in online mode. The urban students will get more advantage than rural people and online modes are not suitable. The CBSE needs to prepare three sets of question papers and pass one set of question papers and print it and if anything goes wrong they can pass other sets of questions. Every year CBSE prepares three sets of question papers.

    This year when the pattern is changed, they published only one set of paper and they pass question papers to the Bank. The questions can get leaked from the CBSE officials itself. A complete investigation is undergoing and the culprits will be brought to the law immediately.

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    Both options - online and paper options are required due to the following reasons.
    An online option is required for the institutes with good infrastructure and students with good knowledge on using computer and typing.Else students will not able to complete the exam within the time.
    The paper exam is required for the schools without proper infrastructure

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    It is totally impractical to hold these examinations online. How many students of India have the ability to operate a computer? We must be astonished to know that less than 30% students upto XII level can do this. We should not think about only the students of public schools in metro cities. We have to think about other students also. Moreover, do we have the infrastructure to conduct online examinations for 24 lakh students every year?

    Last but not the least, the chance of leakage of question papers in online system is more.

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    I want that all type of exam should be held online so that it has no chance to leak any type of Question. You should get prepared for the CBSE Board exam at Dynasty International School.

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