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    There are many new developments in ISC.

    For those who are coming back after a gap are finding some new developments in the operation of the site and one such I have observed today when I posted a response. Previously if something happened after pressing submit button, the whole typed matter would have gone, but today after pressing submit button, I visited another page I have opened and when I come back, there were some lines on the top of the thread stating, there is some execution error, timeout etc., and when I see my response, it was still in the editing mode with all my typed contents present. So I feel it is new development and members may come up with their observation if anything new they have observed.
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    This happens many times when we submit our response or post. In such case, we have to resubmit the thread. But sometimes your response will be posted but the error message will come. In such times the points allocated to your response will not get added up. Then you have click on the edit button of your submission and resubmit. Then the points will get added up.
    There are some other changes in the web page done by the webmaster to have a better look at the site which is not going to affect our activities on the site.

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    The site system has been updated in such a way that our duplicate responses are removed automatically and there is no question of same kind of threads raised again.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Glad to know @Mohan these changes.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The error timeout means our reply has not been updated, we click the submit once more. Although annoying when it happens regularly, the good thing is the content stays in the submission box.

    The forum and article section are strictly regulated. For instance, if a member has a few articles pending changes suggested by the editors, then he/she cannot submit a new article. Inappropriate responses earn a zero or negative points. The ads on the sites are distracting, especially the autoplay short clip one's while we open a link or the ones that enlarge fully if the cursor is placed on the ad. But we can adapt to ignore this.

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