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    Taking principled stand = Making nonsensical comment

    My stand is very simple. My stand is uniform. It does not vary from one person to another. My stand is that no thread should be deleted unless it contains obscene language or directly hurts any person. I don't want any thread to be deleted because the thought behind such thread is obnoxious (according to me). Such thread must be discussed and the author must be told why I feel his/her thread is obnoxious.

    In short, I always oppose deletion of threads. But in ISC, there are many threads which are deleted or locked without any apparent reason. If any Member takes a principled stand against such abrupt deletion, his comment is categorized as 'nonsensical comment'.

    Let me give a specific example. In ISC, a Member always finds India's victory in cricket matches is due to some reasons outside the field, and he seems to enjoy India's defeat! I find the comments of the Member childish and obnoxious, but I never demand deletion of his threads.

    So, I feel that in ISC, taking principled stand on deletion of a thread is equal to making a nonsensical comment.
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    Your stand is clear. But the Editors views are different. We have to go as per the policy of the site and we can't change the policy and the decisions taken by the Editors is final. So we should go by the set provisions only. Nothing more we can do. This is what I feel about the deletion of threads,
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    I am also supporting the author fully. By the way we are not that fools to waste time over creating a thread and the editor who not have read the thread fully goes for deletion spree. That is unwanted and duly protest over it. And what is funny is that the author would be punished with deletion and also deduction of points, whereas those who have responded their points would carry and they retain. Logically if a thread is locked or deleted, all of them should get o points . This is not explained by the editors so far. And the reason simply saying poor quality, I wont agree to it.
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    Making err is human and so one should not take it personally if the thread is deleted. In such cases, I would only feel that I have done it after I am so long attached to this site.

    So only if we(members) become editors may come to know more about the site and after all, these editors too, become after once they were as members like many of us.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Partha - Why have you raised this thread? See the context in which the comment "nonsensical comment" was made, namely, in response to a baseless allegation and not what you call a "principled stand".

    As for another member's views about cricket & you finding them childish and not demanding that the threads be deleted - well, first of all, you cannot make such demands. Secondly, what seems childish to you may not be the case for other members. I find this thread childish. Would I delete it on that ground? No, of course not!

    K Mohan - don't just repeat the same things over and over again. You have raised your own thread. If you have nothing more to say there, we can lock it.

    Saroja - Yes, nobody should take it personally - you made a good point there; but a correction - editors are still members and not "were members."

    I replied here only because it was my comment that is at the centre of this thread. I have nothing more to say.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I stand with the forum that we have to get abide by certain rules & regulations which we always need to take care of. These all are standard & applicable for all readers & submissions here so its not good to question them. Instead we can go ahead with the suggestions & the improvement ideas which can suffice to the overall productivity of this forum.

    In addition, we can look out for the actions being taken in reference to your submissions.

    I do feel that ME is still working in the ways of different functions & more clarity in the comings times. So enjoy.

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    "...we have to get abide by certain rules & regulations which we always need to take care of. " - I am also trying to find out those rules and regulations to scrupulously follow.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I had to refer 'Forum Submission Guidelines' prior to posting my response on this thread. Therefore I visited the 'Start New Thread/Ask Question' page and clicked on ' forum submission guidelines' link given on the page in the last line. Funnily enough it led me to a blank page.

    Anyway, I have to submit that in case there are forum posting guidelines then it becomes easy for the contributors to refer the same while starting a new thread. At the same time, in case of deletion of any thread, the member concerned can refer the guidelines to understand the possible grounds on which deletion was made.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I read the thread and saw in the last couple of replies, members referring to non availability of forum posting guidelines.
    The guidelines that I had seen are very clear about hijacking, personal remarks etc
    Forum Posting Guidelines and
    Posting Guidelines FAQ

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