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    Are we having ready plan B if plan A fails?

    Do you feel the necessity to have a second plan in the wings if the first one fails? Or should we stick only to one plan, working on it repeatedly to be successful?

    In real life, in government work or in company work, there are risk factors involved in every aspect of execution of a deal or contract and thus sometimes we are confronted with plan A failure and that makes us to ponder over as to how to come out of the situation. If we have a plan B to be implemented immediately, at least the work gets going and later on Plan A can be probed and modified to be implemented again.

    What is your say on this ? In many major attempts of work, should we be ready with Plan B or not?
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    True. Trial and error is one of the very good accepted methods of Research and Development. If it rout 1 will not work, we will go by route 2 to reach the destination but we will not stop our journey. That should be the methodology to keep us moving.
    But before moving to Plan B we should know why the plan A failed and where our calculations went wrong. If any similar mistake is there in our Plan B, we should correct it and march forward.
    Similarly, all the educational institutions will also get 2 or 3 sets of their exam papers get printed and keep ready. If one paper leaked they can distribute the other set by stopping the leaked paper.
    But this keeping Plan B may not be possible always. We can keep a spare tyre in our car but we can't ask a car to follow us so that we can shift to the second car if there is a problem with the first car.
    What I mean to say is we should plan in such a way that our plan is fail proof.

    always confident

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    For any major projects there would be the exceptions that keep moving along with the primary objectives or the task. I feel that although same is the case but we are not actively aware of this because of the involvement, This is to be noted that that for any projects or jobs, tender are issued & the minimum quotation is what they opt for. The tender is allocated even in accordance to the time limit. So everything is taken care of but because of the bribe factor this dishonestly allocated to the wrong firm. Often this got the political involvement & with this, the overall outcome remains of cheap standard.

    This can be evident from the number of projects held-up or the structure was collapsed. This also involved the scams that continue to impact the efficiency of the processes.

    If we take a look then whenever there is a change in the government either in the state or in the central nobody takes care of the thing. The investigation commence but this keep going.

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    Yes, it is a matter of common sense that we must have a plan B. However, in many cases even plan B doesn't work and then we have to look for plan C.

    But there is a golden plan also which is to work hard, be sincere and have patience. Diligence, determination and perseverance always pay. Such a focussed approach enables us to make our plan A itself feasible subject to destiny or luck factor.

    Merely filling an application form of the toughest competitive entrance examination without adequate preparation may not work. In such cases even the Plan A can prove impractical.

    We must acknowledge that despite our best efforts, we have to face certain unforeseen circumstances which may undo our whole efforts and plannings.

    The is no Plan B for life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A nice concept that will work in few phases of life when we know what is the end point. Preparing for exams, travelling to another city, hunting for a job. In such scenarios we can have a plan of approach and then evaluate how good or how bad this has been and then change to plan B. Here having a brief idea about plan B is useful.

    In healthcare, buisness or even marketing having a plan B almost becomes mandatory because time is precious and we cannot stop and think of plan B after finding that plan A has failed.

    Having a plan A and plan B is good in theory but the same cannot be extended to all aspects in real life. There are some situations where in a textbook apporach of A,B,C does not work. For instance, in family relationships like if a marriage doesn't work well then what is plan B divorce? walk away? No we need to work on plan A, slow down and correct our course.

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