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    How will you distinguish BJP and Congress parties in their ideologies and policies?

    Congress is one of the oldest party of independent India. Most other parties which originated in India after that party because some members from that party came out due to differences and established as separate parties. Political pandits in those days used to describe these parties as small pieces of the same (Congress) cloth. BJP slowly after so many political battles after 1977 Janata experiment has able reach this stage of 2014. During these battles Congress party sometimes lost its power but many times it was able regained the power with the help of its associate parties. When we compare these two parties, in most of the policies BJP and Congress have no major differences. When Indira Gandhi is in power BJP party (Jana Sangh) and other opposition parties used to describe her rule as dictatorial rule and used to blame her for not consulting anybody even within her own party. But now Mr.Modi's rule also we are seeing the same situation. In one way BJP is more strongly tending towards Corporates, foreign investments, more towards privatization than Congress party. BJP on one side give a call to make in India and on the other side paving way to FDI's. Why? Congress in its rule used to show a kind of mercy towards poor, middle class people, marginalized people and oppressed people. That kind of attitude we are not seeing in BJP rule which may pave way for social imbalances. One more thing we can see is whether Congress wins or looses in elections they use to take it lightly. But BJP whether they win or loose they are doing excess and taking it very seriously and in the eyes of people they are creating a picture that their party is meant only for elections. Folks, how you compare and contrast these two parties?
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    Please let me see the issue from a totally new perspective. I say that there is no difference in the core or basic ideologies of the Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party. The logic behind my said remark is as follows -

    1. Both the political parties are supporting caste based reservation system in education and jobs in the public sector since its inception. No political party has dared so far to even mention about abolition of the reservation policy, directly or indirectly.

    2. Both the parties believe in appeasement of certain segments of the society to muster their support. A typical example is appeasement of Muslim voters in one form or the other.

    3. Both the political parties struggle for forming its government by hook or crook. They are always ready to compromises with other political parties to get their support for forming a coalition government.

    4. Both the political parties make many promises to the voters during election campaigns but hardly fulfill the same later after coming in power.

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    Frankly speaking I was respecting BJP very much from my heart for their true ideology and policies which were different from Congress party. But for the past four years , there has been drastic change in the working style of BJP which is not good for them. Firstly they are sidelining the main stalwarts of the party who have almost sacrificed their lives and still advising the party. They are not consulted when major decisions are taken. And coming to alliance part. BJP either was selective in having partnership with regional parties, now they are desperate to have any party irrespective of their corruption charges and back ground. How come PM Modi who wants to weed out corruption totally is chancing to have alliance with YSRCP in AP which is the most corrupted party as Jagan is facing various charges of corruption and even attending courts on every Friday. So where are ideologies gone for BJP. It is becoming second Congress party ?
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    ''Congress in its rule used to show a kind of mercy towards poor, middle class people, marginalized people and oppressed people. ''-And that is the precise reason why electorates from poor, middle-class, marginalized and oppressed group kicked out the party from power!

    There are many factual inaccuracies in the thread. For example, RSS did not originate from Congress. Since the very beginning, they maintained a totally different identity. Tthe Jan Sangha founders had never been part of Congress.

    However, so far as core economic values are concerned, there is not much difference between BJP and Congress, but none of the parties admit this openly.

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    Being it Congress or BJP, both the parties failed to satisfy requirements of the people especially the poor people who are not aware of their own rights. BJP government has failed to reach out to the farmers and it is a defeat which we have seen in their recent elections. Congress, on the other hand, has done better especially in 1990 crisis, where Manmohan Singh urged to take decisions on the economy which was helpful. If it is BJP or Congress, they need to address the concerns of the people otherwise they will have to face big defeats in the election.
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    I am not convinced with what the author has briefed in general of any of the parties.

    The Indian National Congress came into existence with a view to divide & rule politics in India during British's time in year 1885. The main objective was to work as a pressure cooker for the British Empire helped in sustaining their existence for some more time.

    The overall objective remains the same in the mean time also. With a certificate of lots of scams during its regime, the Congress party continued to weaken the integrity of our country as one nation. Each time we got an election, we witness the occurrence of reservation & appeasement policy. I never came to know that they ever had proud of the India Culture that existed long back before foreign invasion. In comparison to this the BJP is just going towards opposite direction. During the time of PM Modi, it is evident that India got an image & also has been projected as a superpower of the future.

    It's just during the last four years that we saw the biggest reforms since independence.

    The Congress worked for their interest only & not for the nation as a whole. The time we got the independence, the same time also the Japan also emerged as an independent nation but not on a single basis that we can compare this with our country. Japan shifted to one of the largest economy of this world but we still fighting for reservation.

    The author has specifically pointed out that the Congress Party "showed a kind of mercy towards poor, middle class people, marginalized people and oppressed". I ask the author that if this is the case then why we still having more poor then the rest of the world. If we got empowered then what this reservation for. If this party never discriminate the people then why appeasement policy? Who is behind all these?

    I need author to respond to my queries with factual proof.

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    Mr Anand.

    If Congress was done scams now we are in BJP rule why the Congres members are not sent to behind the bars.

    Super Power in Future it's a big joke! Rupee further decline in Bjp rule or NDA rule.

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    To me, there is much of a difference, similar views would be held by few who class both a political parties and hence would have similar apporaches and strong points but dressed up in a different fashion.
    We know all that when two given options are more or less the same, we chose the lesser of the two evils. A similar view is held by most during election times. So, the idelolgies and policies are mostly for the media and some substance to speak at meetings. Little of what each one claims would actually be acheived in a manner that helps the public.

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