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    And who said Sachin Tendulkar was wasted as a Rajya Sabha Member ?

    He was an irregular to the house and never raised any issue of public importance in Rajya Sabha and many members even expressed their displeasure with governments that celebrities should not be given a chance in RS in future. But Sachin Tendulkar has shut the mouth of his critics, by donating all the earnings he got as salaries, to the PM relief fund and thus proved that he is a gentleman. Moreover through his MP Lads funds, he has been silently developing education and other programs in his adopted villages. Applause to him for his great gesture.
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    It is true. For him, money is not a criterion. By donating the money he earned as Rajya Sabha member he has shown his commitment to the development of the country. It is a very good gesture. He is spending the money of MP funds for other development works. In addition to that, he adopted some villages and seeing that those villages will develop. He is better than many other nominated persons. Especially the person from Bollywood who got nominated or who has won the election also is never proved to be good in solving the problems of the people.
    But the procedure of nominating some people to the Parliament earlier also proved to be of no use. So the government should use their good offices in deciding the nature of the people before nominating them for such important positions.

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    A Rajya Sabha seat is neither a trophy nor a state honor to be conferred on an outstanding sportsperson like Sachin Tendular. Donating his entire salary to Prime Minister's relief fund, doesn't absolve him of the responsibility of raising important issues related to the sports in India in the parliament.

    Sachin Tendulkar was nominated to the upper House of Parliament under Article 80 of the Constitution. The President of India nominates 12 members from among people who have special knowledge or practical experience in the field of literature, science, art and social service etc.

    The seat which Sachin Tendulkar occupied for six years could have gone to someone else who would have raised the issues of sportspersons in the parliament.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    An acceptable explanation is given by Kailash Kumar above explained why Sachin Tendulkar was selected as a member in Parliament and what is the importance of the role and department he is selected for. One is responsible for bringing development in the selected department .But also because of the author of the thread we know that the player is offering his hand to the need of the people and that we got to hear he is working on the development of education and other social needs of the people of villages .It is true we hear famous personalities selected as a member of the Parliament but really never get to know about any social deed they are performing. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar have proved he is not a waste and he is new player in politics. In coming days we may definitely hope for news about handling issues of department he is selected for .

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    I don't get it.

    Sachin Tendulkar has donated all his salary to the PM relief fund. What's a big deal here?
    This could be a good motive which we even see from the Bill Gates & also the Mark Zuckerberg who spent a good deal of his fortune for the social cause. This he himself made a declaration when his daughter was born. Even myself is doing whenever I do feel that I am capable of & if there is a need.

    I raise an issue to anyone appreciating Sachin Tedulkar, that what will happen if all the Lok Sabha member donate their salaries for the social cause. Is this what they are appointed for? Sachin Tendulkar is still getting the all the fascilities as a member of the constitutional body which is far more then in comparison to pay that he received.

    Do you expect the PM post to be appreciated simply because he donated all his salary for the needy people. Is this enough in context of the responsibilities against which he took the oath?

    I am sorry but it is more ridiculous that we end up like this.

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    Donating one's earnings in part or full would be feasible often if they have alternative sources of income or really well off. This would be a personal decision of anyone and would be welcomed by the public. If the person donates his salary purely with a philanthropic attitude even if he is poor, then it would widely appreciated ( Mr.Kalyanasundaram, a librarian had donated his entire earnings for the past 30 years).

    What I feel is, if a public figure or a celebrity is made a Rajya Sabha member for their outstanding contribution in varoius areas, the individual has to do justice to the award, if not, they can give it up and make way for another person to be more productive while occupying the seat.

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    It is true that Sachin Tendulkar has not raised any issues in the Rajya Sabha, but he donated all his earnings to PM relief fund. Most of the billionaires in India has donated the half of their earnings for helping the people in Education, Scholarships and for the people who are not having food. We need some mind to donate half of our earnings which is not possible for every people. If they are doing it, we must appreciate them and don't make harsh words against him. Do the Political people able to donate half of their earnings?. We cannot see people who are from politics are able to donate their money. They are making money by increasing their revenues by getting commissions for the project.
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