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    Are you fully aware of the health benefits of washing hands?

    Hand washing is a simple act of cleaning hands with soap and water for the purpose of removing soil, dirt and microorganisms. It helps minimise the spread of influenza, prevents respiratory infections and diarrhoea etc.

    There are certain critical times during the day when the hands should be essentially washed e.g. before eating and before preparing food or handling raw meat, fish, or poultry, before feeding a child or after cleaning body etc.

    As a matter of fact whenever we go for outdoor work, we should wash the hands after returning back to home.

    Are you fully aware of the health benefits of washing hands?
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    It is a good habit to wash hands and feet soon after we return our house after going out. This will help in preventing dust and harmful germs including bacteria coming into the house. Every time we start eating and after finishing we should wash thoroughly with soap and water. This will help in preventing germs and other insecticides into our body through the food we eat. This habit of washing will be good to maintain good health. The kitchen should also be maintained very neatly and the persons preparing food also should clean their hands. it is always advisable to use some aids to mix the food rather than using bare hands.
    Many people wash their hands in the plate which they used for eating food. That is not a good habit and one should wash under the tap thoroughly with soap also. This is very important in the hot atmosphere.

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    Irrespective health benefits or not, I have the habit of washing the face, washing the hands and foot before entering the house and that is customary for us since childhood. By doing so , we are not only keeping ourselves clean , but also not allowing pollution and germs inside the house. Moreover when we wash our face, it becomes glowing and the opposite person also gets the feeling of our freshness. With whole day being out of the home and again getting readied with washed face, there would be rejuvenated feelings on the face and thus we start the pending works with confidence and finish.
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    We are taught the cleanliness in order to kill germs & reducing illness.

    Keeping our hands cleaned up is the first step through which we can assure precaution from getting sick and while at the same time not allowing germs spreading to others.

    This is a well known fact that 100 % bacteria can't be eliminated but still to a possible level we can keep ourselves secured from being infected from the diarrhea and uncomfortable intestinal diseases, avoidance of common eye infections as we often make the contacts with our hands to it.

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    Hands are the main source for spreading germs and bacteria. Many times we handle dust, clutter and dirt with hands as we are not in a habit of wearing gloves. Even cleaning utensils and sinks makes our hands dirty.

    The crucial time for cleaning the hands is before food as well as before handling kids or old bedridden persons.

    Many people avoid cleaning of hands when they have used spoons for eating. Still, it is desirable to clean them as by touching the eatables now and then we acquire food particles on our fingers.

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    Handwashing is a simple yet powerful act of cleanliness and personal hygiene that goes a long way in keeping up our health and the health of others around us. Like what the author has highlighted, we need to have access to water and handwash dispensers that can be used easily.

    Sometimes the maidservants or children mix up the handwash dispensers from the washroom to the other sink etc, such things should be avoided. If nothing is available we can use the hand sanitizers as a substitute. I'm glad that the author has mentioned about meat preparation and handwashing before and after.

    At times, people have an obsession with hand washing and they tend to overdo the handwashing repeatedly.
    Last but not the least, when we visit someone in the hospital, we should take care not to transport germs and bug from us and on to us by adhering to handwashing.

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    Yes, I am fully aware of the benefits of washing hands. In our culture, we always have a habit to wash hand before eating. I always wash my hand when returning home. I observe the same thing in my children also. Both of my sons have the habit of washing hand with soap when they return home for school or playing games. After playing games they also have the habit to take shower.
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    15th October is observed as World Handwashing Day. The basic purpose of observing this day is to create awareness among people about the necessity of hand-washing. If we wash our hands properly after relieving ourselves and before taking our meals, more than 80% of various stomach ailments can be prevented. If we prevent stomach ailments in children, we will be able to be more powerful and healthy nation. These are not my opinion-these have been told to me by one of the top-most pediatricians of this country who has super-specialized in this particular field.

    We must start teaching the next generation in our family, setting the example by washing our hands properly.

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    We have to wash our hands before having meal and yes I'm totally aware about the health benefits of hand washing. It protect us from various diseases. People have to make hand washing their habits. Washing our hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Washing our hands helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Its not only at the time of having meal its every time after you get touched any dirty or dust things, So if you really wants to stay away from disease than you have to wash your hands properly. Hand is main because whatever you eat it is go with your hand to your stomach.

    October 15 is Global Hand washing Day , a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of Hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save live .This day is an opportunity to design,test,and replicate create ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

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    Washing hands daily as many times as required and brushing our teeth before going to bed in the night for sleeping, are two of the major areas where we, the Indians , have to work hard for creating awareness in our immediate social circle.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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