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    Do you think the present Parliamentary sessions are conducted in an appropriate way?

    Shouldn't Parliamentary sessions be conducted in a more dignified manner than they are now? Are there deliberate moves to scuttle debates & create a ruckus in Parliament?

    In the past the media used to comment on the way the Congress government used to conduct the parliament sessions. Most of the times the parliament sessions will be battle fields and much of the time got wasted without any debates. But this time BJP, a political party which wishes to use the parliament for fruitful debates, for petty reasons is wasting valuable parliament time and trying to escape a no-confidence motion. Only one party AIDMK is making disturbance at the behest of BJP is the clarification of the entire media.

    It is the duty of the ruling party and Speaker to bring the house into order and conduct the debate on an important issue like a no-confidence motion. More than 100 members are supporting the motion. It is a democratic norm for the ruling party to prove its majority on the floor of the house after the debate. Political analysts of media like Prof. A. Nageswara are saying that the Speaker has the right to suspend AIDMK members for 10 minutes and can conduct the debate.

    Isn't it a shame for a ruling party to escape debate on such silly reasons? Do you think the ruling party is making any efforts to conduct parliamentary sessions in appropriate way?
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    I am really perturbed and annoyed over the way the Parliament session being held this time wasting public money, public time and session for no use. When the opposition parties are disturbing the proceedings daily on one topic or the other, the speaker must call them to the chamber and chalk out the problems. It seems government is not willing to discus the no confidence motion tabled by TDP and YSRCP parties and seconded by many parties. There is a feeling inside the government that even frustrated BJP members and their NDA partners may cross vote during no confidence motion. So the government is not allowing any discussion nor passing any important bill. Good sense must prevail on the government to face the reality, and opposition should not hijack the Parliament for their motives but also see that important bills are passed and they can continue protest out side Parliament in democratic way.
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    ''Only one party AIDMK making disturbance at the behest of BJP is the clarification of entire media. It is the duty of ruling party and Speaker to bring the house into order and conduct the debate on an important issue like no confidence motion.''-Definitely the author has inside information that AIADMK Members are creating a ruckus in the House at the behest of BJP.

    But about one thing I am dead sure. Today morning a dog sneezed in our locality. It is beyond any doubt that ''BJP Party'' is responsible for the unfortunate dog sneezing. Had any other party remained in power, the animal would not have sneezed.

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    BJP government is worried about the no-confidence motion and this is the reason they are not passing any important bills. AIADMK is the only party who is making problems with the help of BJP government. Most important discussions are not taking place and the speaker has the right to take its own action, but the speaker itself is not aware of its situation.
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    I am also not happy with the way the Parliament is run this session. TDP and YSRCP from Andhra raised a no-confidence motion. If anyone goes by the number the supporting members are more than 50 but the ruling party is having a majority in the Loksabha and even in Rajya Sabha now. When a few MPs are creating the problem in the house why the speaker control them or suspend them for a few minutes and take the no-confidence motion for discussion. A very bad of throwing away the public money. The reason for not accepting the no-confidence motion may not be due to a doubt they will not win. But the fear may be that they have to show the facts and figures regarding the various points raised by TDP MPs in their no-confidence motion and then only it may go for voting. But there is nothing with them to show that they have done the needful to AP as agreed in the state bifurcation act. Once the facts come out the southern states will get their belief further strengthed regarding the step-motherly treatment of NDA government towards the southern states in which they don't have any hold.
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    There would continue to be the turbulence in the democracy like India.

    The biggest disadvantage of our democracy is that we got more political parties then required. Its very much difficult to bring all the alliance party go together for any given cause. I am saying so because most of the parties are not concern with the nationalistic approach but for a regional cause from where they come from. So likewise any regional party has its own cause that bring all of them come together on a certain understanding. As an instance & recently that we have witnessed that Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has withdrawn its support from the NDA.

    So these all having an impact on the functioning of Parliament as well as of Rajya Sabha. Whosoever in the opposition will try to demoralize the elected government with a view to win the coming elections by downsizing the elected government.

    However, the ruling party has got an advantage over the opposition as the ruling party has more clear image of efficient & productive but on the other side the opposition is still confused for its strategy.

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    This is not for the first time the sessions are like this. many times in the past so many years many times it was happening. We all had the bitter experience fo bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The doors of parliament were closed and the telecast was stopped and nobody understood what was happening. The bill passed. Both ruling party, as well as the opposition party, joined hands in this brutal act. I think the word "Brutal" is less than to be used to describe hos democracy was murdered on that day in the parliament. Those days to protect Draupadi in the KURU Sabha, Krishna was there. But that day no one was there to safeguard the interest of the state. So the Indian people are accustomed to such happenings and it is not at all a point to worry about them.
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    No inside information is required to deduce what is happening in the Lok Sabha. Even a layman can understand. It was only one party. AIADMK, that is disturbing the session and it is an ally of the government. The government is afraid of facing the no-confidence motion. The Speaker of the house can easily count the persons supporting the no-confidence motion as they came with the number boards on their person. The government did not make any effort to conduct the session as it was afraid of losing the vote.
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    After reading this, I recollect a news snippet that I read yesterday. I don't know whom to trust, the author or our PM because, it is reported that the PM and Mr.Amit Shah are due to go on a day-long protest tomorrow (April 12), this protest is against the ruckus created by the opposition parties that led to the washout of Parliment.

    Whoever is correct or wrong does not matter much because we had already lost nearly Rs 73.5 crores worth of time in the 14-day winter session (Dec-Jan) and now last month's performance was also very meager. Most of us felt that BJP would win the no confidence motion, they why stall it?

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    The opposition resorted to all sorts of dirty tactics to stall the proceedings of both Houses of the Parliament in the all-important Budget Session. Even the Budget has to be guillotined without discussion. The Prime Minister is going to fast for one day to protest the destructive activities of the opposition. All the BJP MPs including the Prime Minister are going to return part of their salary proportionate to stalled proceedings. If the opposition party leaders and Modi-haters think that people do not notice this, they are living in fools' paradise.
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