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    How will you help a person in depression?

    Depression is a mental state which if not attended to at the right time can lead to further disorders. Most of us are not really aware and so does not give much importance to mental illnesses. Do you know anyone who is suffering from depression? How do you think you can help him out of it? Let us discuss this socially relevant topic with all its seriousness and try to understand more through this discussion.

    Depression is a word that most of us are scared off which affects many people. A person can get depressed for various reasons and normally, the way a depressed person behaves will vary. Some might cry for small things, some scream out of frustration, some prefer to be lonely and thus isolate themselves from everyone. Battling depression is not an easy task but with the help and support from others, maybe even a therapist, a person can get over it.

    Often, people hesitate to share their depression and struggle for themselves, making things worse. And sometimes if they share, they might not get complete support.

    If you come across a depressed person or if someone close to you is depressed, how will you help him? If needed will you take him to a psychiatrist? In India, most people think that going to a psychiatrist is not good as the person will be considered as mad. What do you feel?
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    I was always kind enough to a depressed person. Most thing a depressed person likes is to share his or her feelings in open and for that we have to give time. For some when others listen to their problems and challenges, they get relived and come to normal. A depressed person does not seek a advice, but a person to hear their crying situation. And most of the depressed persons wont open up with all. They pretends to be normal persons and behaving with others, but with their liking person, they behave differently and completely open up with their worst situations being faced because of reasons for depressions.
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    What is depression? A sudden fall of one's self esteem. Now the matter becomes pretty easy to solve. All we have to do is revive one's self esteem. Respect him more. Make him realize that he can be useful.
    That's what psychiatrists do. Can't we all give the same help?

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    A depressed person needs the attention and caring of the people. A person gets depressed due to their own behavior or sometimes by the behavior of other people. We can help them by giving advice to them and suggest them to read books and novels which can simplify the problems.
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    Appreciating the author to raise this concern as in today's world the "depression" is a much widely accepted & discussed topic through out. This never happened that even a primary class student got so much depressed that he or she doesn't even carry out the second thought before taking a stand of committing suicide.

    Depression could be the result of the differences between target decide versus the target achieved or this could even be the result of the lost of relationships. So more differences within this would result in more depression that we would face in our lives.

    We can't just deprived of this but for sure can control with some meditation, controlled diet & limiting our deeds rather then keeping this free. Can be referred as a common but serious mood disorder which grow like a seed slowly within & it start eating us resulting in severe symptoms in the disorder in our routine activities like how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working etc.

    The best available solution for curing depression is "DISCUSSION". So be open with your loved ones & vent out everything that keeps you regressive.

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    If somebody is getting depressed we should try to understand the person properly and try to trace the reason for his depression. Many people will get into depression if what they expected had not happened. They will get isolated and will not participate actively with others but never openly say what is the problem. If we notice such person we should try to encourage him to talk to all. We should try to sit with him and make him talk and see that there will be a diversion in his thoughts.
    A person who expected a good % of marks will get depressed if the result is not as expected. A person who couldn't get a good rank in entrance test will get depressed. A person who couldn't get a job as expected may get depressed. We should always try and tell them that every time we should not think of positive results only and if possible we can tell them some live examples which will give him a little confidence. If necessary we should not hesitate to take him to a psychiatrist.

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    Can we have more opinions on how to tackle depression and how to handle people who are depressed?
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    I feel both the author and other responses are not fully aware of depression and most of it covered only with stress. Depression is different from stress and that has to be dealt only medically and after under the guidance of medical advice, others should follow.

    Author itself told that depressed people are not telling others, it is not the case, they even do not know that they are depressed and only others will come to know with their behaviour. Other responses also just give a thought to handle a stressed person rather depressed person.

    Most of the cases, even others may not find out easily or at initial stages and they may confuse it with stress as others stated in their responses. Depressed people will behave both normal for some time and abnormal for some time and again people will confuse this depression with other mental disorders.

    So depression will be treated on a mild level with medication, and on extreme, they may go for mild or severe shock depending on the level of depression. Extreme kind is they may try to attempt suicide. And even here, people thought suicidal attempt only due to some reasons which is not the case, it is due to extreme depression state of mind.

    Depression also will not come with normal sound, fights etc., It has some psychological effects in which a person undergoes in his/her life.

    So if a depressed person is treated medically and kept under the advice of Medical experts with continuous medication, these people are normal persons only and it is another kind of disease only which is needed continuous medication.

    But often people confused between depressed and mental disorders and hence more complication occurs. Here the treatment of others did not have any change or improvement, only medical treatment will improve the conditions.

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    The cause of depression is not related to stress alone but various other factors do contribute to it. It is due to psychological imbalances of a particular individual who is suffering from depression. I have seen a case of my own relatives (my cousin sister) where the girl who happens to be a school teacher and was active till sometime back. She was branded as mentally sick by her family members and her own staff. Her husband started gaining sympathy with the neighbourhood because of her changed attitude. This made her more negative and the quarrel between the two made everyone to get involved. I personally talked to her understood the underlying problem that brought her to this stage and started talking to others in support of her. She felt happy to think that someone rose to her support. Then slowly I convinced her to go to a Psychiatrist so that proper medication would help her to improve her health. I assured her of warning her husband and others who were neglecting her and treating her in a different way. Both couples went to the doctor and his counselling has yielded a good result. Both are now happy.

    Here what I mean to say is that the others should try to evaluate the reason for depression instead of throwing stones at them. Our positive involvement would help them a lot and we should create an atmosphere that they are not left alone. We should try to send some positive vibe to them and should have a friendly chat so that they can get relieved of their internal pain.


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    A thoughtful thread, In India, depression and related issues are like taboo subjects and have a significant impact on the perception of the person and the family among relatives and friends.

    While it's a noble gesture to attempt to help such people, one should know their own limitations. Depression, feeling let-down, loss of self-esteem all need a professional assessment and most would settle with counselling and some would need medication. We should leave this decision to the experts.

    Even today, in our family circles, if one comes to know about a person going to the psychiatrist or the psychologist for counselling, he/she is labelled as 'mental' or a 'disturbed person', sadly this spread fast and the person has to face the ridicule and social isolation. This often would be the reason for such people to suffer silently.

    What we can do is, if the person is close to us, we can make out the subtle differences and we can start interacting with them. We can have topics of general discussion, share a cup of coffee or go out for food and slowly broach the subject if we know them well. Initially, there would be denials or even anger, but, if we are close enough, they would hesitantly come out with their inner cry for help to overcome a personal crisis in life.

    If it's just a temporary phase, we can try and spend more time in turns, take their minds off with a little fun, go out for a movie as a group, have positive discussions and spiritual quotes etc. Sometimes, it may be a failed love, a threat to their jobs, a sudden financial loss, marital issues or the diagnosis of a serious illness in themselves or their loved ones. At this point, we can use our judgement and help at hand to see how we can help the person out.

    If we are unable to strike a useful conservation and help them out, then we need to enrol the help of other friends or update the family. While we try to help such people, we should not end up getting emotionally or physically very close to them as we are at risk to be adversely affected.

    Once we encourage the family or person to seek professional help, we need to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and we do not intrude into their personal space and their families.

    Lastly, we should not be tempted or let others take advantage of such depressed people because they would vulnerable for more verbal, emotional and even physical or sexual abuse.

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    When someone you know and love is clinically depressed, you want to be there for that person. Still, keep in mind that your friend or loved one has a medical condition, so giving support may mean more than just offering a shoulder to cry on. There are no clear cut ways to help someone since each person has different needs and respond differently, but there are certain things can try to do to sort out the problems. There are many reasons of having depression about something it can be financial problem or it can be of health problem. If person stay in depression or stress for a long time then it can change to illness. Depression is the confusion of the brain. Depression is widespread, but poorly understood. We cannot take any decision in the situation of depression because our mind or brain stop working and cannot able to take any decision.

    Depression is something that is becoming more and more common. A lot of us are under the depression that it's a form of mental disease that just happens to people. This is far from the truth. Depression is clearly a sign of the fast-changing environment around us. The whole world is changing so fast and our bodies can't keep up with it.

    To not to think a lot about anything and make ourself in depression just do any physical activity. We used to exercise for at least for 2 hours a day. Don't be stay alone and go out enjoy with your friends and watching a movie those thing and ways help to cure depression. Don't take stress for any silly things.

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    A very necessary thread. From a common man's perspective, we must understand that the concerned person has been suffering from depression. So, it is very much necessary to understand the symptoms of depression. Thereafter, we must deal with a depressed person with sympathy and little bit tact. We must also insist that the depressed person must undergo regular medication. We, as near and dear ones, must monitor that.

    I would further like to add that in the Articles section of ISC, there are some excellent articles on depression. Interested Members may go through these informative and useful articles.

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    I take it positively. I meet the person with depression and try to know hat the root cause is for it. I listen to him/her carefully and share a relevant story that can alleviate him/her. I try to make him/her lower the stress level and do the things that can make him/her laugh. If the depression is serious, I take him/her to a psychiatrist and support him/her all the way until he/she gets rid of his/her depression.

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    Everyone in this world has to go through a bad and good phase. Going through a bad phase leads to depression. We cannot control our mind in depressed mood and may take wrong decisions. Definitely, it depends on a person individual how he or she is able to handle himself or herself when in depression. Family issues, financial issues, health issues are some of the common reasons which can bring a man into depression.Meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of depression. We need to share our problems with our parents, close friends so that we can feel relax. Having faith in God also drags us from a depressed state.
    Many people say their views and opinions, but the ultimate decision depends on the person who actually is going through depression. Positive thinking should be developed for everyone in this world. There are many counseling sessions which can help us to come out from depression.

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