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    How do you differentiate between 'out of context' and 'reading between the lines'?

    Differentiate between 'out of context' and 'reading between the lines' through this free learning lesson in our forum.

    We are very much familiar with these words - 'out of context' and 'reading between the lines'. "I have been quoted out of context" is a sentence usually pronounced by many politicians and sometimes they may be true. Even some of us would try to contest some comments in the ISC Forum by saying the same thing while explaining our stand.

    On the other hand, the words 'Reading in between the lines' are also correlated to one's intended opinion while expressing his thoughts but there are chances of denying the same saying that he is quoted out of context. What is your say on using those two duo in our English language and expression of thought? Would be nice, if you could explain with a good example.
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    In the real life scenario, we never use the direct word but instead use metaphor that directly refers to one thing by mentioning another for rhetorical effect. Like wise we got different phrases we use in our lives. taking another example wherein if we don't know the answer then rather then sticking with the subject we try to deviate.

    If we remember the in interview of Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami during prime time in the Times Now, then we have an instance here wherein the Rahul Gandhi was asked of his opinion of the prevalent Inflation but each time he replied in context to the women empowerment. This was actually the "out of context" reply from Rahul Gandhi as the another one expected of different subject.

    By "Reading in between the lines", we refer the meanings that are intended but not directly expressed in something said or written or anything which got some hidden meaning. As an example that after interview & if we were told that "We will let you know" got us an different impression in which we assume that something went wrong. But if we were told that "Our HR will contact you", got us an impression that we still left with t he chances.

    Hoping that I have correctly explained myself while I am still looking for other views also.

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    When we are discussing an attitude of a person somebody else's topic is brought in between means it is out of context. Some scholar's in Telugu will be performing a multitasking skill by answering the other people the various questions to test his capability as a scholar in writing poetic talents. In between, one person will come and try to divert his mind by asking very silly questions which are no way related to the field. That is known as out of contest questioning. The out of contest means the subject what somebody talking is no way relevant to the point of discussion.
    Sometimes we may not be able to express our feelings directly to the other person he may offend or he may react in a different way. In such cases, some people will very wisely and indirectly convey the message. The actual meaning of the message can be understood only if it is read in between the lines. For Example, if a VIP asks you to come at a certain time and you have gone there exactly the time he told. After some waiting, you may meet him and you may tell him that as asked by you I came here so and so time. probably you might be busy with other appointments or your secretary might not have informed you that I have come, now only I am meeting you.
    This is indirectly telling him that he delayed. He will understand that only if he reads in between the lines.

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    When a speaker is talking something which has no relevance with the interrogators question then we say that the speaker is talking or replying out of the context. This happens basically because of two reasons. First is when the speaker is prejudiced in his mind and not heard the question properly. Second is when he does not want to answer that question and intentionally sings another song.

    Reading in between the lines is a different matter. When a person writes or speaks about an issue then many times the intelligent speakers use innuendos and indirect exclamations. Some people are not able to make out what they are referring to but again the knowledgeable people will read in between the lines and tell others the hidden meanings.

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    When we are in a conversation or make a statement or express ourselves, we are very careful if the information in confidential or things are yet to have some clarity. So, when we speak or write, we use phrases that do not give away the information yet just leaves the reader with little hints. This practice is more common in politics, celebrities and public figures when it comes to their future ambitions, personal life, married life etc.

    For me out of context is more serious than reading between the lines. Reading between the lines, is an interesting technique wherein one can use their commonsense and prior knowledge on the subject and make an educated logical extension of a comment or a statement. For instance, a political party member/MLA/MP who is comtemplating party hopping would drop hints often intentionally. This would be picked up by journalists and pubic with a flair for politics and arrive at a conculsion that, yes so and so would be changing his party allegenance soon.

    Out of context often has the potential to be more damaging or disturbing. When a responsible person or an authority makes a statement or a speech with primary reference to a particular topic, people and media often have a tendency to pick up what they want and infer the same but on a slightly different topic. This often happens among public figures with respect to religion, caste, reservation, and gender sensitive issues.

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    Out of context means it is not related to the topic which you are talking and we can see these examples in news channels where political leaders are fighting for their own opinions and many of them speak which are not related to topics. Reading between lines means the certain matter is mentioned in line with the order. Out of the Context is the main thing which we can see in our day to day life.
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