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    It is easier said than done

    Sometimes we get a lot of advice and suggestions from our friends and relatives in difficult situations regarding what to do and what not to do. But the truth is that it may not be always easy for us to implement them practically. It all depends on our situation and we ourselves are the best judge regarding what we should do. Hence as per me taking advice from all is good but we should act as per our own rational sense after analyzing the practicalities.

    Also, it is easy for people to give advice but the implementation is always difficult. "Only wearer knows where the shoe pinches" and so we ourselves are the best judge of our problems and what can be done regarding it. There are some people who enjoy giving advice a lot but when difficulties come to them they themselves are not able to handle it.

    For example, we all know how people watching cricket on TV or commentators in the stadium always give their opinion regarding what a batsman or bowler should do and also what a captain should do. But for the cricketers in the middle of the ground in real time situation, it may be challenging to keep their heads cool.

    So take advice but act as per your own wisdom.
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    Being a human being we are always ready to advise others about what to do & what not do to. This always depends upon the circumstantial facts.

    This is evident from our own experience that although we never had a cricket but always denied the steps taken by any cricketer when he was failed to do big. During the last Cricket World Cup, when we couldn't make up to the final phase we blamed few of the star-ups for their bad decisions yet & although we never had been to that level of cricket.

    We have the habit of interference so we often do our jobs. Doesn't matter that we are performing jobs in the background.

    Last night I listened to the Shiv Khera in He explained about how a champion compete with himself only & carry the jobs for fifteen years in order to compete for fifteen seconds of round. And looking at the fact that we never intended to have that much hard work but still we got suggestions for them to improve further.

    Let's make a practice to ignore them & do our best to go ahead in our life.

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    The proverb goes like this, lend the ear to all but reserve your decision. It is always a known fact that advising is easy whereas execution is a difficult task. We can give so many advice to many but how many of us follow what we preach. We should not give suggestions to others. Because one is the best judge for his actions and results. We can't get into his shoes and think. We always think as per our thought process and we may not have a full understanding of his condition. So it is always better to restrain ourselves from giving advice unless otherwise, we are sure of the result.
    We need not worry about the suggestions given by other people but we have to think on our own and visualise all the pros and cons and then take the decision, But sometimes in the subject which we are not through if somebody is advising we think in those lines and see whether that suggestion will be useful to us.

    always confident

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    The author has brought out a pertinent thread and it is very true that giving advice is very easy while using it practically is very challenging.

    I am more concerned for unasked advices. Many people are habitual of advising whether anyone needs them or not.

    It is also very true that we should not fall prey to so many advices in our life from so many quarters. We must ponder deeply and take a conciousness and wise decision before implementing any of them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Preaching is easier than practice, time and again we have seen this at various aspects related to events around us. Even, we as adults advise children not to spend time on gadgets and social media but we ourselves will do the same mistake. At home, I often say no snacks into the bedroom but I'll take it myself.

    Similarly, we all feel comfortable dispensing advise s long are people are listening to it. We need to go one step ahead and think, are we really following what we are expecting from others.What's even funnier is, when we meet people in the park or near the offices, even if they are not friends, some would start advising about our vehicle, our/the child's chubbiness etc. I feel this should be discouraged.

    The other issue is, advise that come free is not often implemented or followed upon. At the end of the day, I feel, it's down to the human nature, as long as there is someone to hear or listen, we cannot resist the urge to advise.

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