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    Old is Gold in Hero pen

    This vacation I had been to my parent's house. From this year my son should start writing in ink pen. When my mother came to know about this she gave him hero ink pen which I was using in my school days, now my son is taking it to school every day, in fact, my SSLC papers also were written by the same pen. I was so excited to see that pen and for a moment remembered my school days. I was using it from 8th standard. In those days Hero pen was the best choice for all students. I was so thankful for my mom that she had still now preserved it so carefully.
    If such moments are there I think we can share it in this forum.
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    Old is always Gold. There is a book called Inorganic Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis written by A.I Vogel. It is a very nice book which is very useful for Analytical chemistry people. When I was doing my M.Sc., I used that book to my knowledge. He gives all types of wet analysis methods in a very detailed way. Those days wet analysis was very famous and instrumental analysis was very less in use. But slowly the instrumental methods took over. But in case of any dispute, the wet method of analysis only will be taken as standard. I was having a copy of that book which I purchased those days. Slowly new editions of that book came. So these days those old books are not available. In our library of the company also we have a new edition of that book.
    Last month I got a necessity of referring that book. I searched my complete library in my house, I couldn't find it. For about 10 days I was searching that book. Recently I went to my native place and just I was discussing that book with my father. My father told me that recently he has reorganised his books and the books which are not from his literary field were kept separately by him. He asked me to verify those books once. Just I have seen those books and I was very happy to see that book in those books. I thanked my father and brought it back. Got is rebound and kept in my library.

    always confident

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    A nostalgic thread, most homes will have a showcase or one small attic shelf full of certificates, medals, drawing books, practical class books and education related items that as parents we cannot just throw it out. My parents have my old duckback school bag still and we still have our daughter's Nursery water bottle and first school uniform. Some of the items have too much of emotional importance that we can't just part with it. I have earlier used my elder cousin's books and expensive compass boxes. Glad to hear about the hero pen, in those days, having a hero pen was an achievement in high school days.

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    It is true that Old is good and using hero pen in our old days is really good. For me, I used to find interesting stamps and used to store and paste in a book. It was a collection from childhood days. Also, I used to collect coins of different periods from my friends and it is nice to see it again after so many years.
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