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    Now a medical practitioner may be termed as Human Engineer.

    Nowadays the field of medicine is the advanced and maximum usage of technology in treatment with biomedical equipment as well as implanting, replacement of parts etc. To quote a few examples, in heart angioplasty, stunts are fixed in treating blocks, in dental, dentist while doing a root canal or implant, he has to screw and fix the dent etc. Also in Orthopedics, there are many bone joints with fixing of plate/rod, or replacement of knee, ball and socket etc., done by Ortho specialist.

    So now the doctors can be termed as a special engineer called Human Engineer.
    Members may come with many engineering aspects involved in the medical profession to enable others to make aware or enhance knowledge in this area.
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    All the surgeries performed by the doctors are mechanical engineer's work only. A mechanical engineer repairs a machine and a doctor repairs a human body. The human body is like a chemical engineering factory. The doctor is an Engineer for maintaining such operations in the factory. He will be overhauling the body by giving treatments and he will be replacing the parts whenever required. An engineer maintains equipment and a doctor maintains human body. So definitely he is a human engineer. An Engineer will repair an equipment when it is in off position. But a doctor has to make the man sleep and then perform the operation. That is why we require anaesthesia to keep silent during the operation.
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    I can take it in a happy mood as there are no much of responses meaning our members have not come across much and might have knowledge only of search or books.

    Whereas I have said all the three examples which I have noticed with much nearer and dearer and hence I have written. To add, fixing of mesh for hernia repair surgery.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Whenever I admit my good old Padmini in a workshop for repairs and replacement, and if anyone ask me about her, I would say that she is in the hospital. Similarly, when I go to a hospital, I would say that I am going to a workshop for repairs.
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    Doctor's are treated like Gods because they save the life of Human Beings. The profession of Doctor is also a specialist job which needs more care when performing it. They also do the work of Mechanical Engineers, because they are fixing a problem which can be treated like Engineers.
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    Organs like heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine etc. are successfully being transplanted by the doctors. Defibrillators and pacemakers are implanted in many cases to keep the heart functioning normally. Medical technology has progressed much e.g. for diagnosis purposes MRI, CAT Scan, Ultrasound and X-Ray machines are used. There are dialysis machines, heart-lung machines, incubators and medical ventilators etc. Nowadays with the aid of modern automated machines, surgeons can perform surgical operations even in their comparatively older age.

    Thus we can see that technology including computer technology is penetrating in the medical field also like in all other fields.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    No wrong in calling like that as in many places of Tamilnadu I have seen boards like 'watch clinic','cycle hospital's,'doctor for two wheeler's. I jovially calls my company system engineer as computer doctor.

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    I think medical practitioner can be called as Human Engineer in broader sense because, he is confronted with so many representatives of different medical companies and wants him to try their medicines on his patients and he does so. So by doing such practice the practitioner is engineering himself as to the authenticity and the rightness of the medicine suitable to the disease. Moreover some practitioners are well versed with their experience and working with fellow practitioners, they do give right medicine even without the visit of medical representatives to him.
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    In the simplest of terms, we can call doctors engineers because they fix broken or damaged things. But being a doctor is much more than that. I don't think we should call all doctors as human engineers because dealing with human life (preserving or saving) it is much more than that. Practically there are many engineers develop a concept of their own or take an idea given by a specialist and develop a program to help in making healthcare better.

    There are specific areas wherein medical doctors or biomedical engineers have a more truly engineering job to correct someone's troubles. Some of the niche areas are Virtual reality physiotherapy for accident victims. The GRAIL(Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Lab) is one such example wherein stroke patients can be rehabilated optimally at a shorter time. Sophisticated prosthesis to help people have a bionic arm or a leg fitted after amputation. Height reduction or increase is done by shortening or lengthening the long bones of the legs.

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    Once we start calling a doctor as Human Engineer, we can further classify them as Heart Engineer, Brain Engineer, Bone Engineer, Eye Engineer, ENT Engineer etc etc etc.
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