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    Working Towards Social Awareness Through Media Platforms...

    We often have heard of the negative impacts of the media on today's generation but there is another way that we go around to do some magic with this platforms.

    How Come?

    I give you an example here. We know about the "Facebook", being used for personal posting & we also keep the status updated each time. With this facility being available in our mobiles this becomes even more consistent within a very short span of time. We just click the photo & upload it & we are done.

    Look at the another example. Someone noticed something unusual thing or the activities which we often referred to as dubious. He took the picture & uploaded with a comment. With lots of sharing & by the grace of God this reached to someone who originally related to. In this way the case was resolved. The person who initially took the picture was of a new born baby along with the women not seemed to his mother. In actual it wasn't as the clothing of both were different giving an indication that the child might have been the stolen one. The picture along with the comment was so much shared within the Facebook users that finally this reached to the original parents.

    Although, this is not happening always but we are witnessing these from time to time. So what others do is their personal businesses but its up to you to decide about what your responsibilities are & how you can make better use the resources that you are carrying.

    Nothing in this world is bad but our intentions makes it.
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    Every point and every issue in this world will have both positives and negatives, merits and demerits or good and bad. The interpretation or use or advantage depends on the user.
    Facebook is a good media to get promotion of sales. Many companies are using that. Similarly, a common man can also use this media to his advantage. But it has become a time pass activity for many people. Without any thinking just going through the posts, liking the posts and sharing the posts has become a habit for many. Some people who are intelligent trying to use the information from the messages available on the site. How a person can use other's information for his benefit and he can cheat the people also is very clearly explained today by an auditor. I think we should use such media for getting information but we should not share our mobile numbers and other details on such platforms.

    always confident

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    Social media can be put to best use by every one. By not only sharing our personal photos, events and also giving useful tips and advise, we an also devise ways and means to share such information about missing persons so that he or she can be traced. What I like the Facebook and whats app that it has the group feature through which all the relatives can be in one platform and one message is enough to convey to all within seconds. Even good messages, bad messages can be shared and thus inclusive relations between the people would further increase with apt planning of program for any event.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Social media is a very powerful tool and can be used for various messages and information for the benefit of the society as well as for the whole mankind.

    Unfortunately there are people who are misusing it for populating fake information, malpractices and misleading the masses. They are creating a bad name for these platforms.

    As a user we should be careful of these posts and nip them in the bud as early as possible. I feel this is one way we can help in keeping these platforms clean of any spams.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has highlighted the potential of social media. We keep hearing about Indians stranded overseas taking to social media to ask for help from the Ministry of External affairs and often this is successful.
    Similarly, we can use social media to promote national integration, spread news about scamsters and fraudsters on the internet and in real life so that others can be aware and be alert.

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