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    SC/ST Act: What should be the verdict?

    Recent "Bharat Bandh" by SC/ST is not a good step by the dalits as 14 people dead in this act of violence and destruction of government and private property. As per order of Supreme court of India, the SC/ST act should be demolished or made ineffective. The reason behind this is that the dalits accuse the upper caste with false charges in many cases. By seeing these condition of the false cases, the Supreme Court of India has taken a good step.

    In my opinion, if there is misuse of any law/act and the law is biased then it should be demolished, immediately. These types of law will only divide our country more and more. It will not benefit to anyone but those people who only take advantage of the law and order. What will be your opinion but my verdict is to demolish these types of law and order.
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    The verdict has come. Hon'ble Supreme Court has refused to stay.
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    Although, this whole chapter of riots & killing is the result of the instilling agitation among the commons. And this is even sad that few become ready to go to such an extent.

    I oppose to any special treatment to any of the social sections or a segment other then this becomes really essential to do so. We got segment who is physically incapable & so this becomes the responsibility of this society to take of them. I am referring to the person who is blind or got listening problem or other such cases. But this is absolutely miserable stance that the youth got easily deviated to unlawful acts. And this will continue to face these till we have provisions of treating any segment as special.

    Sadly, but our politics still revolved around petty topics like minority appeasement. These needs to get stopped.

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    The Hon'ble Supreme Court on Tuesday said that it stood by its March 20 judgment on the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The court has only protected innocents from falling prey to arbitrary arrests under the Act, it noted.

    When the Government, in its review petition, asked the court to stay its direction for a preliminary enquiry before the registration of an FIR, Justice A.K. Goel refused to do so.

    However, we must understand the verdict of Hon'ble Apex Court in proper perspective. The Court added some conditions to prevent misuse of DV Act by the ladies. Similarly, in this Act also, the Court has added some provisions to prevent misuse of this Act. The Act has not been diluted. The March 20 judgement allows the accused persons under the Act to apply for anticipatory bail. Section 18 of the Act barred persons accused of causing casteist injury and insult to Dalits from seeking anticipatory bail. Secondly, the judgement directed that an FIR should be registered only after a "preliminary enquiry" was held by a Deputy Superintendent of Police to check if a complaint is "frivolous". Any deviation from the directions would automatically lead to the contempt of the Supreme Court,

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The havoc created by Bharat Bandh is a real issue to worry. The verdict of the highest court in the country is to be respected and if there is any objection is there they can go for the further course of legal action. But creating violence, damaging the properties of the governemnt and creating a fearful atmosphere to the fellow citizens is not a good way of reacting.
    I feel the court has not diluted the act but tries to save some innocent people who are getting victimised for no fault of them. I feel it is not diluting the law or lessening the protection to the downtrodden people.
    The court has revalidated and not accepted to give any stay. The court's stand is very clear. Everyone should respect and accept the verdict. No one can encourage atrocities but on that pretext, it is not correct to punish innocent people.

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    There are some clever and cunning people who will always try to misuse rules for their selfish motives whether it is for financial or political advantage.

    Whenever there is a case of atrocity or misbehavior or things like that the police presents the case to the magistrate and he decides as per his judgement whether the culprit is to be given bail or kept in custody. His judgement is based on his experience and interpretation of existing rules. If he errs in his judgement confusions arises.

    Coming to the basic concept of giving reservations to backward caste or communities, this was a requirement in post independence era in our country but now a lot of social improvement has taken place and the social disparity which existed earlier has decreased substantially and logically speaking as on today no reservation is required on caste or creed basis.

    It is high time that Govt should discontinue the policy of reservation and it will solve many underlying problems.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Any sect if given over and above the rights, they are bound to behave against the society and thus SC must have observed that unnecessary atrocity cases has been hoisted against upper class , just to take vengeance and thus the very rule of SC ST act has been miss used largely and hence I support the verdict of SC on this regard.
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    The decision taken by the Supreme Court is absolutely correct. The government should not have appealed. Hope the Supreme Court stands by it's earlier decision.
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    Article 14 of Indian constitution states that every citizen is equal before the law. It question the constitutional validity of SC/ST act. It si the violation of fundamental rights of OC and OBC. SC has given right decision, govt should not interfere. I look forward for the deletion of this act.
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    I am no longer surprised by the hypocrisy of people in this forum. In one thread they will say that all citizens of equal of India are equal and that there is no caste discrimination in India and on the other hand when non-Brahmins are appointed as priests in temples they cry out loud that priest is a job that is their birth right and want the jobs to be reserved for them. They go on to say that Brahmins are the purest form of humans. I just wonder how people can be so blind to such obvious caste discrimination.

    All or at least the majority of people replying here are upper caste people who have been brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth but think that their upbringing has been modest. They are unaware of the hardships that a lower caste Hindus faces in society. They just turn a blind eye to news of a Dalit boy being beaten to death just because he bought and rode a horse.

    I wish there was some actual god to push some shame into these people.

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    The verdict sounds correct. In India, caste is always a contentious issue. There would be atrocities committed by the upper castes on the SC/ST and similarly for the sake of revenge or holding a grudge a false case can also be filed against the upper castes. So, both sides can be the source of trouble or victim to suffer abuse or a false case.

    I don't see any issue, for a compliant to be made by the SC/ST victim. If it is genuine then by all means, the law can take its course. If not, then the falsely accused will have a chance to clear his/her name sooner with this approach.

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