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    Indian Politics Is Not Honest But It Is Diplomatic...

    In Indian politics, any party which could be the ruling party with the alliance members or the opposition party, both keep its ideologies which is the same for all the time which is to retain power with whatsoever means they have to use & whatever the way they have to go through.

    The opposition will keep criticizing the policies of the elected government & then when they are in power then will continue with the policies saying that that are bound to do anything which is good for the country. The same remains the case while the party keep on changing. With its stand of party first they don't hesitate to go for any limit ignore ng the fact that overall developmental projects are delayed or held up for no logical reasons.

    We have been witnessing this since long & even we observe this around us as that even the basic facilities like the toilets are not available to all. When the time will come that we will leave the above attitude behind with an objective of only the growth & development of our nation as a whole?
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    The Indian politics are completely party based and the ultimate aim of any party is to be in power. They will not leave any stone unturned to be in the chair always. This ambition of power is second to none.They don't bother about the country or the people. It is not the beginning today. This is started with the selection of first Prime Minister of India. It will continue forever. They remember the people only at the time of elections. Once the elections are over the concept of ruling party is how to retain the power. The concept of the opposition party is how to bring the elections at the earliest and how they can come to power?
    We rarely see people like Lal Bahadur Sastry who resigned as railway minister taking responsibility of an accident happened for a rail and walked down to his house leaving the car given by the governemnt at the office as he was no more a minister.
    Anyhow, let us hope in the coming years some sense will prevail on these politicians and we will witness good attitude of these politicians.

    always confident

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    Indian politics is not honest and also not diplomatic even. Politicians and politics cannot be honest in the sense that they cannot fulfil the promises and hence we cannot given them the honest title. And coming to diplomatic point of view , our politicians and politics have not grown to that stage to sport as diplomatic.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Politics and political parties have the same agenda to criticise each other and then use it as a stepping stone to come to power. This is used by politicians from India and also from abroad. While, it's healthy to criticise and question each other, overdoing this attitude with the only aim of putting the other party down defeats the very purpose.
    Sometimes, I feel we can also become politicians because it is the same set of problems, grant, subsidy, minority issue, unkept promises, corruption etc. I agree with the author that only when we rise above this petty idea of self-gain related politics then we can see improvement of the nation.

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