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    Love a friend from your heart; not as per your mood or need!

    We have discussed friendship many times, either on the eve of the Friendship day or in some other context. But a WhatsApp message caught my attention. It says, "Always love your friends from your heart, not from your mood or need". How catchy it is!

    In these days of busy life, friendship has become a rare commodity. Everyone has to care for his own self but very few cares for others. It is true that we can't be choosy based on our necessity and according to our swinging moods. A true friend is the one who cares for you, who guides and renders a helping hand in the times of adversity. Please be affectionate and love them from the heart and not with an artificial smile. Isn't it?
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    We are in the era of business. Everyone wants to get gained personally for any action or from any personal relationship. That is the order of the day. A father and son relation also is getting influenced by the richness of the father. A father is the closest person to his son as long as he is giving, the moment he stops he will be the farthest person. In such days where is the value of a real friendship. If a person thinks that he will get some benefit from you he will be friendly with you. The moment you say that you are in a requirement, the friend will never speak to you. The message is exactly carrying the same meaning to me. Sometimes I fail to understand the mentality of some people who will turn 360 degrees when they feel that the other person is of no use for us. Friendship is for the need of self but not for the need of the counterpart. This is the way of these days.
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    We really cannot say true friendship does not exist but yes the outlook to true friendship has been changed. Friendship is a relation where there is no demand of any kind of gain. Friend is one who lends his ears to us and understands us.,someone whom you can trust and share your thoughts with. Now -a-days people set criteria in terms of kind of friends they hang out with. They look for fashionable friends or they might just set criteria such as he would speak with some friends but would be comfortable to hang out with particular set of friends. Friendship is just about someone is there in our joy and sorrow. Now -a-days people forget what we get from a particular friend we need to give him/her the same in form of sharing and caring.

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    Friendship is a great gift in our life and if we have good friends, I feel we are lucky.

    Friends are the only people with whom you can enjoy, share and confide. They are the lifeline of our gregarious nature. Without them we are isolated in this world. We need them more than they need us.

    Real friendship requires commitment, sacrifice and faith. These are the essential ingredients of the friendship and without them it perishes.

    I have read one quote about friendship which impressed me a lot and I am reproducing it here - The true friendship comes when silence between two persons is comfortable.

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    Yes, it is true. But this statement is applicable to WhatsApp too because nowadays there are many philosophies going round in Whatsapp but I have a real doubt, will everyone read everything going around and it is just to push it(forward) to all the groups, all the contacts. That itself is a proof of the statement in the post.
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    Nice saying from the author. What he said is certainly true. Good friend is one who is always with us in good and bad times. And I am averse to those friends. who finish their work and try to disturb the others when they are in their work. That is the selfish motive. Normally some people finish the work by late evening and they join the friends for the dinner and extend their gossiping session. And those who do not join those session and work for their job to be completed and then come and disturb the friends who are either retired to the bed or on the way to the home. Such friends are not required.
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    Time has changed a lot & is the case with the relationships too .

    It is sad that we got the attitude of profit & loss in our relationships that for many even their parents are not worthy of respect that we begin counting those on bank accounts only. The emotions becomes a kind of fantasy here. That each time we are concerned of social status & the material things. We got an attraction to these but other non-physical entities like affection & love have lost their value. The devotee is a different kind of personality but we can see that the person can often be seen of giving bribe of full cream milk to the idols. But in between we are blind to beggars & the needy persons outside temple.

    Really we have lost something invaluable & we are not aware of this but still continued bearing with the loses. What we are up to?

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    Yes, I agree with the author that we should love our friends by heart not by our mood or our need. I believe that in true friendship it is happened. We can see there is no selfishness in the true friendship. True friendship can be seen from childhood. In school we got punishment not to show the name of our friends who did any mistakes. So there is not selfishness in friendship and it is really the true relation in all the other relation which are based on selfishness.
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    I liked the response of Mr.Umesh with the quote - "The true friendship comes when silence between two persons is comfortable".

    Yes, it is true that silence also gives a comfortable feeling between true friends as the silence could be due to many reasons.


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    A true friend is someone who will understand our moods and not get angry if we are irritable and angry. As humans we go through different emotions everyday and we are not at our best all days. We would have many associations at work, among relatives and social circles, few of the interactions would just be superficial for the sake of work etiquette or being nice. To these people we are casual and at times have a false face/smile just to keep them happy. It is different with close friends, with true friends we do not have such small talk, it will be straight to the point, be it fun, serious or a delicate issue to be discussed.
    What the author states is true in this scenario, we need to have true friends and be truthful with them at all times. Such friends are far and few but they stand by us like family members. It is difficult to find such people, one we find them, it is our responsibility to keep them close to us.

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    It is true that we always have friends in school and colleges or those who near to our home. A true friendship starts when both the person understands and share their feelings with them. The one who helps and stand in their difficult situations is a true friend. Some people find friends for their benefits and they leave them when they have got the right thing in their hand. Girl's and boys will have friendships. There is a good quote about the friendships. "A person who is true in life will have a handful of friendships in life, but the person who has the ability to swipe the tears will have only one true friend". This is from my personal experiences which I have undergone in my life.
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