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    An organisation should always be neutral in politics.

    There are many big industries in the country. The industrial giants in the country only may run the government even though there are designated people to carry on the governance.Whether it party A or party B, once it has come to power means they have to depend on the business people of the country. But during the elections, we see that these business people will never support openly any party. They may donate money the parties which are having chances to come to power. So they will say that they are neutral. This is the best policy for them to carry on safely their business. So they say always an organisation should be always neutral in politics. What is the opinion of others in this issue?
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    Organisations and big business houses cannot be neutral. They have to openly come with the support agenda. Some companies and Industries are having long standing business relations with the particular political party and they always support them irrespective of poll outcome. And once that party comes to the power, lots of dole would be enjoyed by the company or business house in the name free land to expand or establish new branch or factory somewhere in the same state. So business houses cannot be neutral has they have to spell their support to one party or the the other.
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    Big Industries or powerful business houses remaining neutral in politics is just a statement.In reality, they are biased and tend to support the party they feel is good for the growth of the company. If this is not true and they want to be neutral, then why donate huge amounts of money to political parties? they can give the money to charity, isn't it?

    In ISC itself, we discussed about the fears of company donations for elections Do you think are there any loopholes in 'Electroral Bonds' in election funding?. So, while we wish them to be neutral, the truth would be far from it.

    In this context, it would be apt to mention and Patanjali brand and the support it gets from the government.

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