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    Youth dominates with Modern heavy bikes with huge sound and speed pose danger to road users.

    Now the latest trend in Hyderabad is to buy a modern heavy bike which would make huge sound and no matter it give mileage or not. Most of the techies are lining up to buy such vehicles. For the parents it is the night mare for them as the bikes are heavy and even a small skid would be fatal as the youngsters won't even were the helmets which is compulsory. They zoom past from the starting of green signals and those who come in between or crossing the road would be terribly feared by such fast vehicles. Why such vehicles are made?
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    This trend is seen in many places. The college-going students are having these bikes and they feel very happy in driving these bikes. They feel happy by driving past the vehicle and driving the bike without holding the handlebar. This is very dangerous and they are putting themselves and the fellow passengers at risk. Many accidents are happening because of these persons actions only. The parents should take special interest and tell them the requirement of discipline in driving the vehicles should be explained. They even warn them that the bike will be withdrawn from them if any small accident or case against the boy for his bad driving. Then they may have some fear and try to be reasonable in driving the bikes on the roads. I personally witnessed two such accidents on bikes while the young people were driving without any care and respect for the other road users.
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    I have a slightly different view here as these heavy bikes with a big sound only matters to someone who got a different personality then a formal one.

    The author has a concern here that the trend of two wheeler has changed a lot & that this practice will lead to the fatal accidents. But to point out that this already has begun a long time back.

    I have pointed out this in the previous submissions that even the kids not yet reached to the respective age is driving which is again unlawful act but is happening. This is pitiful that even the parents allow them to go out with the bike.

    About the making of these, I would say that if where there is a demand & there would be the supply as well. So, the company finds this profitable then they will keep on adding the numbers. But it's the responsibility of the users to drive safely while at the same time follow traffic rules.

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    With heavy Enfield vehicles, the youth makes fast run and the sound vibrates the ear very much and irritates the road users.
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    I also observe this trend in my place also. It is not only dangerous for the people people on the road but for the youth who is driving the bike. The parent should understand the situation and should teach the youth for the same. The must wear helmet for the safety.
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    I am also surprising that what make them to do so and what is the joy in them in such driving. Rather punishing such persons the government should forfeit their licence immediately.

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    Young people are always ready for action whether it is on the cost of their own life or life of some other person.

    In the market some racing vehicles get popularity just because of the associated thrill and fun. Rich and young go for it creating noise pollution and threat for the gullible citizens.

    Frankly speaking police should stop them and if required consificate such noise creating machines and these people should be asked to use them in the designated racing tracks or areas only.

    Until unless these regulations are strictly put up by the monitoring authorities this menace will hover on our heads.

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    This has been the trend in many cities that have a good expressway or long streches of toll roads that are excellent tracks to race these superbikes. I see many of these bikes that cost a few lakhs. I don't mind the money or the parents buying them. What I feel sad is families forget to think about the dangers.

    Imagine a youth or an youngster, full of energy and haveing friends, it would be natural for him to show-off. Then we have bikes that have real power and can zoom and zig-zag at high speeds. Put this combination on the dangerous roads of many Indian cities (pot-holes, dug-up places, errrant traffic, jaywalkers, animals etc) it is bound to be catastrophic. Every day in the papers and news we read and hear about young lives lost on the streets and also pedestrians who get caught at the wrong time. With such bikes racing around other two wheelers or cars or even pedestrians, accidents are more likely.

    Yes, the modern bikes are a danger to the road users and the bike users too. I wish, the parents repeated educate the youth and the teenagers about the dangers of over speeding on powerful bikes.

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