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    Is it not courtesy to answer all the emails received.

    Do you find it rude when someone doesn't respond to your email? Do you feel that responding to someone's email is mandatory, irrespective of its content? Share your thoughts over here.

    These days we all have emails. All people are corresponding through emails only. Like earlier, the practice of letter writing is not there these days. Either contact by phone or email is the order of the day. We will be receiving many emails these days. In those emails are promotional issues or social media emails which need not be replied. But we will be receiving many emails from our friends, colleagues and other connected people. Once we read those emails I feel we should reply appropriately to the person we have sent the email to us. If we are not able to answer the question or address the matter in the email at least an acknowledgement telling that the mail Is received and I will revert back. But some people don't reply and when we inquire that the reply is that they have not so far seen the email. What do you say? Is it not the courtesy to answer the email received?
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    By the way e mails are the replacement of letter either too we were receiving by post. So when we were giving replies for the snail post, then why not reply for the e mail. But what I found that most the e mails we receive are business promotion mails , or business information mails, which need not be responded. But some personal mails from the friends and relatives has to be attended and responded, otherwise they get offended. One sentence of responses for such mails would be enough to keep the cheers of the mailers. And we need not respond for the business promotion mails.
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    I think that there is difference between the written mails coming through a post man and the emails. The only common feature is that both convey certain news. But for that we find certain things are missing. The intimacy that passes through the handwriting is lost in e mails. Especially if the letter is from a person who is so much loved by the receiver.
    I recollect my student life. I was staying in a hostel in the capital city of Kerala, while my house where my parents stayed was far off, about 500 km away. Hence I eagerly waited for my father's letter every month. If any letter added to me reached the hostel, even before opening it I could recognise the sender from the handwriting. Father's handwriting was a peculiar type. I loved that. Even now, I have kept a few of his letters, which include his last letter, which he wrote a few days before hid death (He died in the year 1987 at the age of 78). An email can never leave such memories .
    E mails are coming one after another, many of them I don't even open. My close relatives or friends convey messages either through telephone or through Whats App. Those remain temporarily with me (telephone calls are just like talking only). In short the present methods of communication have only a temporary life.

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    I just missed the point of replying a letter. One has to reply a letter irrespective of it is an e -mail or post mail. Of course It depends on the contents of the mail or letter. Just a message conveying letter/ mail need not be replied. It is the receiver who has to decide whether some communication deserve a reply or not.
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    It is a very good habit to acknowledge the email we receive. However, everyone does not follow the same criteria.
    Some people do not even feel the need to read an email. While we should always check the subject of the email, as the subject depicts it all. Then go inside the content.
    But this really shows courtesy to acknowledge any email being received.

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    It is definitely a courtesy to respond and reply the emails from friends and relatives. Some people are punctual on this aspect.

    However it also depends on personal habits. Even in earlier days few of us were in the habit of exchanging letters or responding them. So emails have replaced them and as old habits die hard some people are reluctant to reply them in time or promptly.

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    As we are getting more experienced, we gain more professionalism in our attitude. Here, the "professionalism", refers to complete business orientation.

    With this, its a common practice to pick the items as per their priority & ending with the less important matters. So during this whole it's a normal practice that we missed something. Not on a regular basis but this does happens in a span of time. One suggestion that any mails from your superior must not get missed as this directly having impact in context to our performance & consistency In job. For any other we can fix the time for responding to mails as per our understanding.

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    Practically it is not possible to reply all the emails but I agree that we should reply the important emails of friends and relatives. In advance version of every email we find update, promotion and primary emails in different sections. So, there is very easy to delete these update and promotion emails and can answer the primary emails very easily.
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    I think there cannot be a rule to reply all emails received. In case any unsolicited mail is received, then it is up to the recipient to either reply the same or ignore the same. Many times, not replying itself becomes the most appropriate and befitting reply.

    Marketing or promotional mails are not the only example of unsolicited mails. A desperate unemployed person may repeatedly send a mail for seeking jobs even after informing on first occasion that there is no opening available at present.

    The professionals function differently than the novices. Only system generated emails can be sent by the automated system in case of receipt of any mail. Replying each mail manually consumes time and energy. Therefore, it may not be possible to reply all mails essentially.

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    It depends on criteria of the people to reply to their email conversations. If we are on a busy schedule answering to all the emails is very difficult. Depending on the important ones, the email can be replied. There are people are having the different attitude in their life and some of them are having different characters, so if a person does not reply you, it does not mean that they rejected you. It is because of their busy work schedules, so behave to them accordingly.
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    Replying to emails depends on the context we are discussing and the profession related. For instance, many online consultations and order bookings will reply instantly to a client query. Similarly, in firms and offices with a good level of digital communication and work culture, there would be a prompt reply shot off. We have some firms marking emails as sent with a high level of importance etc. So, if some offices or colleagues are not tuned to this kind of interaction, the wound ignore the emails for a few days. I've worked in places wherein meetings, discussions, summaries, etc would have correspondence via a single group mail ID, we had to reply in short lines or phrases.
    When it comes to personal and social emails, it depends on the person receiving the mail and the nature of friendship or comfort between the two. I've had friends who won't reply to a mail but will call a few days later for something else and at that time recollect the mail.

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    I have experience that even complaints by email are not even acknowledged. I had this very recently on two occasions with a bank.

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