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    Away from the home, how does it impact your health?

    We have all had a life away from the family while preparing for our career, sometimes during our schooling, or for graduation. When we are surviving independently we often have to face the health issues.
    Due to changing climatic conditions, improper functioning of our immune system could lead to diseases. When we are living in a rented house or PG's, we do not even get healthy food. Most of the cases, people tend to even skip their lunch or dinner because they do not like the food being prepared, as it is oily or spicy.
    Various other reasons are job pressure that could affect health. The need for employment creates mental pressure. Another thing could be remaining extra busy at work, so not able to grab your food on time, indirectly affects the health.

    Our eating habits also play a major role here. We eat what we like, so that becomes another reason for not being healthy and getting ill easily. We could catch fever anytime, or a cough or cold.

    In a nutshell, when we live away from our family, and there is no parental care, and no nutritious diet like home, it affects our health and our immune system.

    We should try some good remedies to stay healthy:
    1. Eat food on time.
    2. Eat less food from outside, if it too oily or if it is unhygienic.
    3. Try to maintain a nutritious diet. Include one fruit in your diet on daily basis.
    4. Drink milk on daily basis.
    5. Try and go for a walk every day.

    Take care of your body and health, to sustain a healthy living.
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    Being away from home is the greatest challenge for anyone no matter how strength and courage he has, to face any situation. At one point of time he becomes weak and wants to visit the home immediately and that is called home sick syndrome. No matter you eat the food in time, the food may not be tasty, even taking less food or less oily food wont have the bearing of home sick, such would be the situation, the concentration and enthusiasm would be completely lost in every thing and therefore there would be tendency of running away from the place towards home. But for the hostelers and those who have been transferred on a job have the compulsion to serve in a unknown place for minimum three years and that kind of long duration is very challenging as we cannot even come for short break to the home. It all depends on how to cope up.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we are away from home the whole system of timely taking food and that also the nutritious home made food is disturbed.

    A student when goes out of home first time either for education or job realizes this bitter truth soon.

    The first appreciable affect of this change is seen in our digestive system and then on our general health. Because of lack of experience and maturity very few people can cope up with these changes and some of them suffer miserably.

    Self cooking is time taking and tedious and not a viable option and we depend upon the mercy of mess or nearby eating places which are definitely neither huygenic nor providing nutritious food.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Being away from home for education or a job is really a big challenge.If you are placed somewhere near your home town or where parents live, it is still comforting.At the same time if you happen to go from north to south or abroad then it takes quite a time to adjust not only food, but also the atmosphere and climate.
    When you are away it definitely affects your health and habits.But one thing for sure you learn to be more independent and you get a good exposure to life .One tends to learn more and understands the value of health and wealth.

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    If we are going away from our place for a few days, I think we can enjoy the special foods available at that place and can visit good hotels in that area. For some few days, we can manage.
    When you go away from your place alone for education or jog, then the problem food will be there. It will take some time to get adjusted to the new place. Always homemade food will be good. We can't completely rely on the quality of food in messes, PGs and hostels. So we should be careful in our food habits. If time permits and if one can manage to take a separate living place and cooking food is the best way. Another option is to pool up with your costudents or colleagues. Take an apartment and engage a cook. Then you will have good food of your choice and you can maintain good health.
    If you are trying to stay alone and have food outside, be careful of selection and avoid unhygienic food and place.

    always confident

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    This will ever remain a emotional topic for anyone who got more attachment with their family. However this is also the fact that as we shifted to grown-ups we understand that this is required that after a certain stage we need to go apart from our dear one's.

    Leaving apart will also having impact on our routine activities. But that again got adjusted automatically & we have a new life again.

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    To away from home is very challenging for every person. At home, our family members especially wife or husband take care of us and always remind us to take food on time. When we are away from the home I have found that most of the people do not take food on time and it adversely affect the health. Some persons are very sensitive and environmental condition of that place also affect the person's health.
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    Nowadays, it has become normal for many persons to move away from away for education or jobs. Depending upon the individual concerned, they find ways and means to cope with the situation. In few extreme cases, the parents don't let their children go away from home and because of such reasons, the children miss sometimes golden opportunities. The parents regret and repent later when such children remain unemployed throughout their life and lead a miserable life.

    However, the children move away from home generally only after completing 18 years or so of age. Thus they get basic training at home to cope with situations before actually moving away. In case, they have learned to lead a disciplined life, then they are able to manage in a better manner.

    Many carefree individuals lead a life full of fun and frolic while away from home and instead of losing weight, they gain weight and look healthier.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is really difficult to stay away from the home. Sometimes it gets so overhelming that you end up bringing your adventure harsh halt.

    Each decision we take from start to end is very important like choosing a place to live, a course you choose to do or make a career on it. If any of your decision goes wrong then it ends everything.

    It impacts very badly to the person who stay first first time away from the home. I'm going through this situation, I got fever after seven days of being away from the home and living at pg. Water is very essential thing, if your regular water is changed then it also cause to illness.

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    Staying away from home is really a difficult task to cope with it. When we are having education and we are away from home, we like to visit our home on regular basis. When we find golden opportunities and we go abroad also, the same food problem can arise. If we know how to cook, then it will be easy for some people to cope with food habits. Eating too much from outside can also cause big health problems. Homesickness affects every people in their situations.

    The only way to adjust is to find our own ways to cook food and have a healthy lifestyle. Have regular checkups and do exercise regularly to make our body fit throughout the day.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    I have spent 3 years on the move away from home. Initially, it comes as a shock and then as a challenge as to what to eat, where to exercise and how to stay away from food borne illnesses. By trail and error, I found that avoiding salads, the pickles, powders in the unkempt jars, the lassi or the water from the small hotels are best avoided. The safest was the hot food (idli, set dosa that doesn't have much of oil), a small serving of rice and a little of the sambhar or the dhal. In the room, I used to have a small bowl of cut vegetables/fruits that at least I can vouch that it is clean. Wherever I stayed, I used to find the route to a nearby park or a temple and try to do 2 circuits of walking for some time. If the colleagues and new friends recommend a good place or a busy place, then I used venture to eat something different. The other thing that helped me was to scout the area, you will find a small, less advertised but very busy tiffin room or meals house that caters simple but clean food.

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