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    Why the Centre is delaying to set up Cauvery Management Board as directed by SC ?

    Come summer, the South India, especially the people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are up in their arms on the issue of sharing cauvery waters. Being at the initiation stage, the Karnataka government tries to hold the share of cauvery waters by having so many illegal dams to deny the legitimate waters flowing towards the TN side and thus the indifference of the centre which never interfered nor tamed the Karnataka successive governments on this issue and when the SC has advised for Cauvery Management Board, the centre is sulking. Why thus partisan attitude ?
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    There are many disputes like that between the states regarding the sharing of river water. Now AP and Telangana are having a problem in sharing Krishna and Godavari water. Similarly, these two states are having a problem with Karnataka for Krishna water sharing. But no action is being initiated by the central government to solve these problems. They not even bothered to see how these states are misusing the waters and finally making allegations on other states. Karnataka is having disputes with AP.Telangana and Tamilnadu also. Somehow I don't know why the government is trying to postpone the issues further and further. One day or other these problems are to be sorted out by the central government by having a meeting with all the concerned states. It is better if they plan it early and finalise the issues once for all. Otherwise, these problems will continue like this for long.
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    The proposed all party Bandh called for 5th across the Tamil Nadu is the testimony and anger of the Tamil people over the issue.
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    Having been in Bangalore for many years, we have witnessed the violence during the Cauvery disputes few years ago. As the author states, it has become a norm every year for people from both states to protest. This disturbs the life of the people who keep travelling every day from Bangalore to Hosur and beyond. Loss of property and sadly life is seen often.

    The people of both sides have enough educated people and experts who can access and formulate a plan as to how to share Cauvery water between both states. What issue TamilNadu is facing from Karnataka, Karnataka is facing from Goa, so there needs to be some understanding that the people up north should also share it to the people down south.

    I think, it is like who will bell the cat and with the elections close by the Centre does not want to take any chances of upsetting the electorate in both states. Given time, with a variable degree of violence, the summer would also pass and this year would end, come next year, the same story repeats again.

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    If a solution is sincerely implemented it is bound to find disfavour with one or more of the parties to it. Politically the present central government cannot risk that. So they will try to delay it as far as possible until they are able to command and cal the shots.
    The matter is sensitive -or rather made polll ask why should we give, while the other will ask why can't they because it is not their asset alone. Reason ,logic and facts will lose their status and only those who provoke maximum will benefit.

    A strong central government with its own parties ruling the states can possibly take up and implement the solutions better.

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    The main reason, in my opinion, is Karnataka elections. The Cauvery Management Board if constituted now means trouble for BJP in the Karnataka elections. The Supreme Court has now ordered the Government of India to do so by 03-05-2018.
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