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    How would be the experience of watching live cricket inside the big screen of a theatre ?

    We all know that IPL series are going to start from April 7th to May 27th and that is going to be surcharging matches every day to the treat of scores of cricket fans across the country. Not every match can be visited and viewed live at the stadiums owing to much hike in ticket costs. So some enthusiastic cinema theatre owners in Chennai has approached the Police to give permission for them to show the live matches on theatre screens. Would you like to watch such varied experience inside the theatre for the first time across the country or would you oppose it ?
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    In Hyderabad, some pubs and some clubs will organise big screens l]of the size of cinema theatres and they will arrange them in their lawns or roof garden so that many people will come and see the match there which will help them to increase their business. I have witnessed two matches like this in Chiran Fort club, Begumpet, Hyderabad long back. But I am not very comfortable with thst big screen size game. I find it better if I watch on a TV screen of 28 inches. Even watching on a TV is much better than actually going to the stadium and see the match. In a stadium, the distance will be more and you may not be able to understand very closely. Whereas on TV you will be shown all the details by arranging the camera very near to the pitch. On a tv, by seeing the ball the viewer can tell whether it is a wide ball or normal ball. But in the stadium, it is not easy to see in such a detail. The only advantage you will have by going to the stadium is you can physically see the players.
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    I don't find any objection when the theater has given the rights for live telecast of IPL matches. We would certainly love to enjoy.

    The experience would be different from either ways as watching the IPL in such a large screen never happened before.

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    Watching cricket/IPL in the stadium is an unique experience. Having been to some, it is more for the carnival like atmosphere and fun that we share with other fans that is more important than actually trying to see the player and the ball. Often while the batsmen are running it will be difficult to makeout unless you follow them closely.

    Then, there are the other set of cricket fans who watch it from the comfort of their homes with good image, leisurely enjoying the favorite snacks/drinks. So, watching IPL live in the movie theatre would need a few adjustments. The noise would be huge and people have to accept it in the closed theatre hall. There should be a constant flow of snacks and soft drinks to keep us happy. The crowd should be sportive like in the new hangouts wherein they all cheer the batting or the fielding team. The lights need to come on at the end of an over to break the monotony.
    So, it would be a different experience, who much we would like it will depend on the crowd and the arrangements.

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