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    What's wrong if rules are enforced to check spreading of fake news?

    The I&B Ministry has issued certain guidelines and norms while publishing news and warned of implementation of punishments to Journalists who are engaged in spreading fake news barring them from a minimum period of 6 months to more than 3 years.

    There was a hue and cry from all the media circle as if their privacy was torn to pieces with the endorsement of the opposition for it. As most of the news today is based on 'whispers in the corridor' or a paid news, we can't check the authenticity of the news. Gone are those days when journalists were dedicated to their profession with a sense of responsibility and now every news paper or channel is loyal or influenced by one or other political parties. Added to this, the growing competition among them to top the TRP ratings, the journalists today seems to have crossed the line of fire.

    In such a scenario, what's wrong with the directive issued by the Smriti Irani led I & B Ministry to check them with certain guidelines? These orders were withdrawn after a protest from all corners and the Minister justified the action by simply saying every journalist should be responsible for his/her role. What's the reason, the nation wants to know?
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    Yes, what Modi had done in this regard is a good decision why he put a backstep in this regard I can't understand. Because all the newspapers will write against Modi in the coming election that is why he feared otherwise a good decision rolled back.
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    The directive issued by the Smriti Irani led I & B Ministry was good but it is unfortunate to turn down the proposal by PM for his political gain.
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    The directive is a good one. I don't think Smriti Irani has issued without informing this important directive to the Prime Minister. So I feel the directive was issued with good intentions and with the acceptance of PM only. But all the other political parties made a lot of hue and cry and made it a big problem? Because of this hue and cry only the government has decided to withdraw this. If PM is not interested in this directive I think he might have stopped the concerned minister at that time only. Even today majority of papers and electronic media are writing many things against PM. If he is afraid of that he might have stopped at the initial point itself.
    Actually, the directive will bring back the confidence to the common black on these newspapers and channels. These days we even don't know which news is correct which is a fake news.

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    We have suffered a lot with a misguided news so why we keep on discussing as these fake news should be closed or shouldn't be closed .

    Why we still not able to decide our stand or with due regard that it's not our business.

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    I do not believe that these guidelines were issued without the knowledge of the Prime Minister. An attempt was made to interfere with the press and when there was a huge protest, the order was withdrawn. Coming to the point of the I&B guidelines, it is not good as the government may misuse it. The protest from the media is justified knowing fully well the way it may be used. Everyone knows who are the culprits of fake news. The existing laws may be used for curbing the spread of fake news and there is no necessity to issue further guidelines.
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    At the outset nobody or anybody should be a source to create a fake news and then circulated in social media which amounts to crime and punishable. Now the laws must be made further stringent as to those who spread the news must also be accountable and thus the new law would stop such fakes news in future. By the way some journalists take undue advantage of their position and they try to force their view on the news and thus create a fake one. And being coming from a media house such news are believed to be true and circulated . Hence forth even ordinary citizens must be alert not to share such news.
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    Those who spread or generate fake news must be punished and appropriate legislation in this matter is a necessity.

    Unfortunately the efforts of I&B ministry could not be materialized in this direction and the erring people are free to repeat their mischiefs.

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    The journalists would get cover of freedom from the Press Club of India and thus even the I and B ministry could not act stringently in the past. But now the PM Modi has given sweeping powers to take action on erring journos.
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    We need to see this both sides of the table. From the media viewpoint, it would be seen as an indirect threat to make media back-off from controversy and the other fear would be the law being misused by the law-makers themselves. From the viewer's viewpoint, it would have been a brilliant move because, we can take the news telecasted at face value and pass on or form an opinion without needing to worry about it's authenticity.

    Stringent laws to punish journalists would not be welcome because, we live a world where news is not too hot for too long. In the earlier years, if one a new piece of information, they could make a short presentation and then get credit for it. Now by the time they verify and research, one of their own competitors would have already done a broadcast. In such a crowded field, often people would need to bend or break the rules and telecast information 'pending verification'. If you now introduce a rule of striking off 6 months or 3 years, it would affect the very core function of most channels, hence the agitation.

    I think, after the elections, this would be re-visited along the similar lines.

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    The proposal by Smriti Irani of Information and Broadcasting ministry was a good step. It was necessary at this time because all the media are sold and they are giving the fake publicity on each and every news they want for their purpose it may be news channels or newspapers. Indian news channels are one of the worst things since the journalist is sold to some political parties and they are busy in earning money and making up the bank balance. Journalism is a field that must become the voice of the people of the country. but in India, they become the voice of only those people in which the news channel will get more ratings and more the newspaper will get sold. At the beginning of this proposal, they have started blaming that their so-called freedom of journalism will be tied. And all the political parties are concerned with their respective seats.Before any ministry, first, the people should understand that how the Indian Journalism and the news channels work, they give more and more focus on only those news which will add them more money to the respective news channel and newspapers.
    In every situation of the news, they will try to add their own stories to the news for publicity.

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    We can see that the TV news channels are increasing and both regional and national channels are creating news without checking the authenticity of the news. Earlier the Journalist collects news by enquiring about the incidents and reports the incidents in a correct manner. Now the ratings between channels have been increased and there is a competition between them to come top in the ratings. The I&B cannot issue such guidelines without the approval of the Prime Minister and Narendra Modi believe that the Journalist can write bad news in the coming elections. This is the reason he rejected such guidelines from the I&B Ministry.
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    The reason to back up from this proposal was not issued by the information and broadcasting ministry that the intervention of the Prime Minister or any other issues led them to back from the proposal.Just on the news of fake journalist and news channels, it is very difficult to believe that what actually Happened For The Proposal.since I personally don't follow this news channel I won't believe that the PMs intervention made them to back. coming to the point from opposition parties they said when the proposal issued that 'it would restrict the journalist freedom and Independence to their work' but when it was withdrawn the same parties criticized that the 'PM intervention on proposal let them back' and they also commented that the 'PM Narendra Modi took a U-turn on his plan'. I hope this plan comes into the force and power as soon as possible to stop all the fake news and journalist to spread and fool citizens.

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    Freedom of the press is as important as the judiciary. There has been systematic attempts made by any party at the Centre, to make the press give away only news that it wants, and c/rush the opposition, with whatever bad news that they can dish out.

    The present ruling party has been very irresponsible in making all sorts of communally sensitive statements, attracting the ire of the minorities, and keep tensions at an all time high. Even when the so called big guns are involved, every attempt is made to somehow twist facts to their advantage. The actions taken against the NDTV management, does point out this fact.

    The atrocious record of the worst Government possible in Uttar Pradesh, is sought to be highlighted by the media, but once again, the press is sought to be controlled.

    The press does exceed its limits in some cases, but the existing laws of the land are sure enough to protect any false news. The directive was seen clearly, as an attempt to muzzle the press.

    So, it is correct that the directive was withdrawn.

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