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    Do you sit for a few minutes in the temple premises after darshan?

    The ancient traditional practice is to sit for a few moments in the temple premises after the darshan. There is a "Prarthana" attached to this tradition while sitting in the premises after the darshan. We have to do the darshan with utmost piety and have a good look at the diety. After the darshan is over, one has to sit in a calm place, close the eyes, visualise the diety and do the below mentioned Prarthana to the God.

    " Anaayesaena maranam, Vinaa dhainyaena jeevanam, Daehi mae Kripayaa shambho, Thvaya bhakthim achanchalam."

    This is a prayer to Lord Shiva, requesting him to give a painless death, a life without any misery and a total devotion towards Lord Shiva.

    Do not forget to do this prayer after the darshan and before leaving the premises. We are not asking for any material benefit. I am sharing this as I received the message from a friend and liked it very much.
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    During earlier times the temples were created in order for the commons to meditate . Although keeping the idols of your lord inside the temple were not the case then but this trend has changed in the modern era & simultaneously the way the temple were created has also changed.

    It's completely based on the scientific principle on which the structure were erected. The forms thus established were capable of pouring energy onto & within us. Pronouncing the Sanskrit Mantra will further add to the absolute peace & will help in doing our jobs in a balanced way.

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    It is mandatory to sit for a few minutes after the darshan in the temple. This was taught to me by my father. During my childhood days we both used to go to the temple and those times he advised to do this. It has become a practice for me. Even now also whenever I go to my native place I will visit a temple with my father in the evening and we both will sit calmly for some time and come back. A similar post recently I have read on Facebook posted by somebody. In that post also the same sloka is mentioned. Mahamrutunjaya stotram is also conveying the same meaning. A fruit which is completely riped will easily come out of the tree without any pain to the fruit or the tree. Through this sloka, we pray God to give us a death which will not pain us. But here the important aspect we should understand is the concentration and the focus we should have when we visit a temple. It is not quickly going there, just having a darshan and come back like a business. We should meditate and pray the God peacefully.
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    I do sit and relax for few minutes after the darshan in a temple. I do not say anything but remain in silent. It is my daily prayer that Lord should give me longevity and a trouble free life for me, my family and friends. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I do not wish to say any such thing to God. I only say in Tamil _"Kadavule, Enakku Neednda Aayulum, Nimmathiyana vazhvum, Niraivaana Santhosamum Kodum. (O Lord, Give me longevity, peaceful life and complete happiness )
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    When we visit temples, it must be a leisure one and it should not be of hurry burry. That means we must take maximum time in praying the Gods, making rounds praying for each God and thus we naturally get tired and for that purpose we have to sit for while and enjoy the temple tranquilly and premises. In olden days the temples were grand and each pillar has the story and grandeur to enjoy. By sitting in the temple one can appreciate such marvels and that is why people spend some times in the temple. And by sitting we also come into contact with known persons and hence the contacts will be revived.
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    We do sit in the temple after the darshan, as children this would be the favorite part as we could eat the prasadam or the laddus/murukku that are sold at the parsadam counter in big temples. As we grew up, we are used to sit and spend a couple of minutes thinking about God.
    I have not learnt any specific prayers or shlokas but do close my eyes and say a silent prayer. But often like others, I do pray for health and less troubles. When we are about the start a new venture or the exams, it has been our practice to pray and seek blessings and also success. In many new temples in the cities, there is a space constraint for all to sit and there would be the breeze or relative silence that we get in the older temples.

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