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    Self confidence is very important for winning the confidence of others.

    When we think of doing any work or think of starting any new assignment we should think positively and should have the confidence that we will complete the work positively. Then only we can win the race. If you start the work with a doubt, it will be very difficult for you to come out of that fear. If we make our mind for winning, we will try and search the winning ways. If you have no confidence and doubtful about your success, you can't tune your mind to have a positive thinking. When you have no confidence in you and feel doubtful, you can't win the confidence of other people. This will lead you to frustration. So be confident in your approach so that you can easily win the confidence of other people. But a word of caution is, be confident but don't be overconfident.
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    Confidence is the major building block of our future efforts and programs. Without confidence the beginning itself will be shaky and weak.

    The most important thing the successful people possesses is the self confidence. It gives them drive to fight and struggle in life.

    Confidence alone can not do everything as the basic knowledge and intelligence is required to perform in life. If everything is going on smoothly, confidence will accelerate those processes further and give excellent results.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If we have self confidence, our move will get positive reactions from the others too. For example if you are driving a vehicle for the first time on the main road, the way you drive with confidence should not show others that you are driving for the first time on the main road. Such kind of driving would bring positive reaction from road users and also cooperate accordingly. And with self confidence , when a teacher teaches the lesson , the children would listen the same with confidence. So we have to beam with self confidence so as to expect same reaction from the opposite persons.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that confidence is important to win the confidence of others. But we should remember not be overconfident on any matter. Confidence is important but overconfidence is always produce bad result. We should take a work on hand if we are confident to complete the task in the given time otherwise we should politely reject the task.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Very true.

    A very good instance can be of a teacher that only when the teacher is confident of his or her knowledge the student will follow him or else looking for somewhere else.

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    It is true that we need the confidence to achieve anything in our life. We need to take some hard decisions which can impact it directly, but if we do it we will overcome our failures and will be able to lead a successful life afterward. What we can see here is that people tend to live in their comfort zones and they will never attempt any mistakes in their life. Steve Jobs has told that if we do mistakes, only then we will understand the value of success. Successful people come from hard failures. Overconfidence can also arise if we are more confident in certain work. We will be having some basic assumptions about certain topics. Clear your doubts with the people who are having high knowledge.
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    Self confidence and self-esteem is key to achieve successfully by moral means and with pride. I see this gradual change in today's youngsters, some of them have the self confidence at a much younger age, than I had a generation earlier. Any task we do or take upon should be researched and given the respect it deserves, the resources it needs and importantly our mindset that yes, we will do it, this is self confidence. At times, when life is harsh or the competition is tough, some of us entertain the thoughts than can I be successful? will I be able to get the job? what if? and so on. At such times, we just need to gather our thoughts, have the inner confidence that we can do it. A few of us become over-confident and in due course, time, the ever watchful master makes us eat our humble pie. So, we should teach our children about self confidence and about the dangers of being over confident too.

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    if you being confident on self then you can definitely achieve your desire and goal you decide to become. If someone fails to achieve a goal that mean he has less confident on our self because self confidence is the key to success. The reason of gets rejected by the company is also because of not trust and confident on our self. if we have a momentum of focusing on things that we feel that, what happens is neuro-networks of our brain are constantly focused on those failures, therefore reinforcing that identity.

    looking at ourselves and developing the self-image of feeling confident. If you start building your self confidence then it can improve many areas of your life. If you wants to increase self confidence then you need to think positive. Over-thinking about something make our confidence level down. So think in positive can also help to improve confidence on self.

    Someone said that True self-confidence doesn't mean knowing everything. It means knowing what you know and what you don't know. Once you clearly know the extent of your knowledge and ability, you'll become confident.

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    Self confidence is like a perfume that will smell to others only if we sprinkle a few drops on ourselves.

    People trust only those who trust themselves first.

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