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    Theni District Collector Anbhazhagan has food at a rejected senior old women hut.

    Normally we are accustomed to come across the fact that the collectors are supposed to listen to the central and state directives and take up the works as designated to them. But some collectors who hail from the poor background like to do work on their on will. Thus Theni District Collector in TN Anbhazhagan has gone to a old aged women who is eking out the life on her own with great difficulty without the patronage or look out by any one. Thus he has proved the world that reaching out to the poor can be done even at a higher post and the prestige issue does not matter.
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    It is really a good gesture. The district Collector went to that dejected lady to hand over her pension as she can't come on her own and he the food he carried with him with that lady in her house. What a down to earth attitude. He has shown that everybody basically is a human being and all are equal in front of the GOD. What a personality. If all the powerful person shows such humiliation towards others this country will become a heaven on earth.
    These days we hear about children rejecting their parents during the latter's old age. We find many old age homes where the old people are suffering and spending their days waiting for the call from HIM. In such days a collector who is no way related to the old lady shown an exemplary attitude and helped her. I think he is an oddman out. My appreciations to the collector and pray God to give him long life and he will serve the poor further.

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    Glad to hear about this district collector, there is no pride or status to be seen when it comes to senior citizens especially a person like this old lady who has been leading a life with difficulties but honestly. When government officials and leaders visit such people (apart from the pre-election run up), it would spread a positive message about the Government and the official machinery. Present day collectors, IAS officers are different, most of them stand up to powerful leaders and politicians in power, take courageous decisions for the people and help them.

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